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Evelyn Woods

Charcoal/Subtractive Drawing Technique

In this workshop students will engage in the process of drawing using the technique of subtractive drawing. We will be working on gesso primed paper with compressed charcoal which is adhered to the paper via a solvent. Drawing tools include brushes, an array of erasures, sandpaper, X-acto knives, and turpentine. Students are invited to bring preferred subject material or work directly from a still life. Beginning with a solid black prepared paper, students will render through direct observation the form and light of an image while giving consideration to just how much visual information is necessary for the image to be convincing.

Evelyn Woods


Evelyn Woods was born in New Orleans and grew up in New York, Virginia, Texas and Florida until settling in the state of Washington where she received her MFA at The University of Washington. She currently resides on Whidbey Island which is just north of Seattle. She has exhibited both regionally and nationally. Her work was included in the recent publication of Suzanne Brooker’s "Essential Techniques of Landscape Drawing".