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Niki Covington

Niki Covington

The Portrait in Oil

The goal of this course is to gain confidence with the portrait through introduction to practical methods and conceptual understanding. Students will approach the portrait through steps beginning with portrait drawing in pencil, then grisaille and finally using a full color palette. There will be an emphasis on drawing as well as measuring, discussing concepts of flat shape block-in, form modeling, anatomy, structure and perspective as they relate to the portrait.

Studio Fee: $25 Sold Out


“As a classicist, I believe that the fine-arts have a sacred root and function. From my youth the mystical qualities of Michelangelo’s drawings and the unquantifiable beauty of Bernini’s sculptural forms mesmerized me and I copied them from books on my coffee table. As I matured artistically, I was further drawn to the work of other masters of the classical tradition—not only for their aesthetic but also for their motivation and ideology”

Niki J. Covington studied drawing, painting, sculpture, and classical architecture among some of the best art academies in the US and Europe, including the Florence Academy of Art, Grand Central Academy, the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art and the Beaux-Arts Academy where he has also taught. A passionate supporter of the classical tradition, Niki received numerous scholarships and awards from each institution, culminating in the Grand-Prix de Rome fellowship to study classical art and architecture in 2016, with further research in Jerusalem, Istanbul and Japan to make the significant bridge between the eastern and western tradition of classicism. Niki is the founder and principle at Temenos Studio, LLC and currently works as artist and consultant in designing and executing paintings, murals, sculptures, monuments, architectural ornament and even stain-glass for sacred spaces.