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Vincent Mattina

Vincent Mattina

Digital Collage with Photoshop


Instagram: @vincentmattina

Facebook: theartofvincentmattina

Flickr: akaflux

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Course Description

This is not a digital painting course but a class where you will learn some basic tips and tricks to create scene compositions using Photoshop and your creativity. We will dive into using stock photography and your own photos to learn how to collage them together without having them look like they came from different sources. A basic understanding of Photoshop tools will be needed to get the most out of the course.



Hailing from St. Louis where Vincent was first able to hold a pencil, he knew he loved to create imagery. In 1987 he received a BFA degree in Fine Art and Illustration at CCAD. After graduation he moved to the Los Angeles area where he gained recognition as an Art Director and Designer. Since then he decided to pursue a better quality of life and moved to the Salt Lake City area where he continues to freelance and focus on his fine art work. He has shown in museums and galleries throughout the country as well as being published internationally.