​Mary Virginia Swanson



Mary Swanson


Course Description: This workshop with Mary Virginia Swanson will provide a broad overview of today’s markets for photography, including the fine print collecting arena, and placement of work in the editorial and commercial licensing markets.  Through comprehensive lectures and visual examples, Swanson will discuss the path to finding your audience from concept to execution, presentation and marketing decisions, and sharing your work in exhibition or publication formats. Sponsorship and funding will be addressed, as well as the realities of being published and self-publishing photography books today.  Each student will also have a private meeting with Swanson focusing on their specific projects.  Participants should bring their work in print form and a broader selection of work in smaller proof prints or edited digital files. Level: Intermediate and Advanced; participants should be committed to success with their photographs and be working towards fine craftsmanship.


Mary Virginia Swanson is a respected author, educator and advisor who helps artists find the strengths in their work, identify appreciative audiences and present their work in an informed, professional manner.  Following receiving her own MFA in Photography she embarked on a now 25+ year career working with photography and with photographers that has encompassed the the fine art, documentary, photojournalism and licensing arenas. Her current book project is Finding Your Audience: An Introduction to Marketing Your Photographs (2018) that will guide photographers through the changes taking place in our industry, preparing them for new opportunities in today’s photography-rich culture. A frequent presenter at industry gatherings and sought-after Reviewer at portfolio review events, Swanson is based in Tucson and NYC.  Her website and Instagram presence can be found @maryvirginiaswanson.