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408 Adjunct Hiring Procedure

The desire of Snow College is to hire the best available adjunct faculty for teaching courses in

support of the mission of the college which is to educate students, inspire them to love learning,

and lead them to serve others. Snow College achieves this mission through a constant pursuit of

excellence in teaching; a nurturing, positive learning environment; and through people who

demonstrate a love for learning and service to humanity.

15.7.1 The following procedures serve as a guide for departments/divisions of the College in

hiring adjunct faculty:

15.7.2 When a need for adjunct faculty is determined, the Human Resource Office should be

notified to place an announcement on campus and an ad in local papers for credentialed and

interested applicants to teach on an adjunct basis.

15.7.3 Applicants will be required to submit and/or have on file with the Human Resource Office

a Snow College application form, a resume, and unofficial transcripts of credit.

15.7.4 Department Chairs will review the applicant packets in consultation with the Division

Dean or at least one other department member to create a list or pool of appropriately

credentialed applicants.

15.7.5 The Human Resource Office will maintain the current pool (application packets dated

within the last twenty-four months) of approved candidates for adjunct teaching assignments by

discipline. Those hired will automatically be retained in the pool for twenty-four months from

the last date of hire.

15.7.6 The Human Resource Office will notify all applicants in a timely manner whether or not

they have been accepted into the pool. The Human Resource Office will return material

submitted to the application process to unsuccessful candidates.

15.7.7 Department Chairs will hire adjunct instructors, as needed, from the current pool. Current

full-time faculty should be given due consideration.

15.7.8 At least two weeks prior to each term, the Department Chair will submit the Adjunct

Teaching Agreement Forms to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

15.7.9 Exceptions must be approved by the appropriate Dean and the Vice President for

Academic Affairs.