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8.12 Mail Handling Policy

Adopted: 11/5/09 

8.12 Mail Handling Policy 

8.12.1 Mail Services Mail Services was established to distribute incoming mail, collect and process outgoing mail, and collect and distribute interdepartmental mail on both campuses. Mail Services is not a branch of the U.S. Post Office. Incoming mail is considered delivered to the addressee when it is delivered to Mail Services and outgoing mail is considered delivered when received by the U.S. Post Office or other common carrier. Mail Services may provide other services for the convenience of students, faculty and staff to the extent they can be performed without additional material cost, obligation or responsibility to the College. 


8.12.2 Receiving College Funds by Mail  

To safeguard College funds received as payment for services rendered, and to limit liability exposure to employees, the following procedures are required for the processing of mail and receipt of payment for College services or products at Snow College campuses. 

a) Pay To: All College registration forms, applications, letters, or other notices used for billing or collection purposes shall direct payees to make checks (or other financial instruments) payable to “Snow College” or “Snow College/(program or event name)” NOT to departments, department heads, programs, individuals, or other parties. 

b) Send To: The Snow College Cashier’s Office shall be used as the mailing address for all registration forms, applications, letters or other notices used to request payment in any form to the College. No other address may be used when funds are anticipated. Payees shall be directed to send payments/forms to: 

c) Direct Payments: College employees shall direct all payments to the Snow College Cashier’s Office. 

d) Cashier’s Office: All payments intended for the College must be mailed or hand delivered to the Cashier’s Office for appropriate receipting and processing. College payments inadvertently received directly by a college employee shall be delivered in person to the Cashier’s Office for appropriate logging and processing within two business days of receipt to ensure the college maintains compliance with state mandated deposit requirements as outlined in UCA 51-4-2a. 

e) Identify Depository Account: To enhance accuracy when cashiers record payments, all forms, registration materials, applications, or other such documents should include the Banner index/account number into which funds should be deposited. 




f) Credit/Debit Card Info: Due to the liabilities associated with confidential credit/debit card information, credit/debit payments may only be accepted at the Cashier’s Office or through an approved credit card processing device. Mailed or faxed forms allowing payees to remit payment by writing credit/debit card information on the form shall ensure the confidential information may be detached and shredded once the payment is processed. In no case should credit/debit card numbers, expiration dates, or other identifying information be stored by employees of the College by any means electronic or otherwise. 

g) Electronic Transfers: Where possible and practical payments to Snow College should be directed to electronic means such as, web-based online payments, credit cards, direct deposit, etc. 8.12.3 Mail Handling Procedures 

Business Mail Processing: All mail addressed to “Snow College Cashier’s Office” or generically to “Snow College” without naming an individual person, department, or program shall be opened by two officers of the Cashier’s Office ensuring cash and other funds are appropriately verified, recorded and deposited. 

a) Each piece of business mail is opened, date stamped, and the contents are reviewed to receive and record payments due the College and any of its entities. 

b) All payments are restrictively endorsed “For Deposit Only…” and recorded in a receipt log maintained by the cashiers. 

c) A copy of the payment document is included with the envelope contents and forwarded to the appropriate receiving department. 

d) Payments are credited to the Banner index/account number identified on the form. If no account information is available, funds are deposited into a holding account and a request is sent to the receiving department for appropriate coding information. 

e) All mail processed by the Cashier’s Office will be delivered to its terminal destination following completion of the process prescribed in this section.


8.12.4 Personal Mail  


a) The handling of personal mail for employees is done as a convenience by Mail Services. 

b) College envelopes and postage shall not be used for personal mail. 

c) Employees may place envelopes that are sealed and bear the proper postage in department drop boxes or bring them to Mail Services. 

d) Postal boxes in the Greenwood Student Center are intended for student use and students have first priority for use of the postal boxes. College employees may rent a postal box not required for student use. 


8.12.5 Campus/Interdepartmental Mail  

All campus mail should be placed in provided inter-campus mail envelopes with the receiving person and department/building clearly identified. 


8.12.6 Charges for Postage/Mail  

a) Departments are charged for postage including an overhead rate on any official mail sent from the College through Mail Services. 

b) All outgoing mail must include a return address identifying the sending department to ensure the appropriate Banner index/account number is charged by Mail Services. 

c) Employees may not charge department accounts for personal mail.