(Teaching English as a Second Language)

The Associate of Arts Degree is offered primarily for students who plan to seek employment teaching their native language as a second or foreign language immediately after completing their program of study. The majority of the training for this degree concentrates on specific techniques and practicum courses for the teaching of second and foreign languages. 

As this is intended primarily as a vocational degree, many of the course credits required for graduation are specific to the teaching of second or foreign languages. However, students are also required to complete a specific number of instructional hours directed at assuring that they are proficient in applying communication, computation, interpersonal, and leadership skills to their employment. Some students who complete this degree will teach second or foreign languages outside of the United States. Others will transfer to senior institutions with full junior standing to complete their baccalaureate degree. 

The program also prepares students for employment within the United States as teachers in adult education programs and as aides, teacher assistants, or tutors in the public schools. In addition to general education courses required for the AA degree, the TESL curriculum includes a language requirement and TESL courses designed to give maximum teaching and learning experience.


TESL Certificate

The TESL Certificate is available for students who complete the TSFL major.  The TSFL Certificate is equivalent to TESL/TEFL certificates.

Students interested in pursuing a Bachelor's degree in TESOL after graduating from Snow College with an emphasis in TESL should consider Brigham Young University-Hawaii. BYU-Hawaii offers 1 scholarship per year to Snow College TESL graduates. For more information, contact Mark James at mailto:jamesm@byuh.edu.