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Information Literacy


Information Literacy


Why do students play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” when they should be playing Beethoven? 

Information Literacy @ Your Library 

William Badke, a thirty-year veteran of training students in the “delights of research” wrote that “...our students should be playing Beethoven with research processes, but instead we are hearing Mary Had a Little Lamb.”  There is so much information out there in the world that sometimes, students get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it.  If they do find a source, those who want to get it right wonder how they know whether their source provides good, reliable information or not.  How do we help these students to sort through all the stuff out there?  Keep Calm and Call a Librarian.  Snow College’s librarians provide several information literacy workshops to help your students through the information quagmire . . . everything from a basic introduction to the library and its resources to database searching; from research skills and information evaluation to proper Fair Use utilization; from individual subject or database tutorials to combating plagiarism.  We can even create an information literacy workshop on something completely new at your request. How can we help you find answers today?

To learn more about information literacy instruction and/or schedule an instruction session, use the contact information below. You can also use the link on the library’s homepage to schedule a session at the Huntsman Library.

Carol Kunzler, MLIS, MA

Tonia Lewis, MLS, MEd