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Library Material Request


Library Material Requests

Did you know we encourage faculty to request items to be purchased for addition to the libraries' collections? You can always call, email, or drop by to chat. If you receive mailings for books or films you think we should have, you can drop them in campus mail with a request that we consider purchasing them. There is also an online “suggest a purchase” form on the libraries’ home page here.

When suggesting items to purchase, we hope you’ll consider the level of the material in relation to the courses being taught. While Essays in the Hermeneutics of Sub-Saharan Coprophagic Literature might be of great interest to you, it probably won’t get checked out by anyone else on our campuses. The Interlibrary Loan service would be a better avenue for such highly specialized items as that (made-up) example.

We try to focus most of our effort and budget on items related to the curriculum, but we also buy some items for fun or general interest. If you request a lot of material, prioritizing it would be helpful. If you are starting a new class or significantly re-working an existing one, please let us know what kind of library support is expected (this is the purpose for the librarian sign-off on each syllabus). Also, if you will be participating in a departmental accreditation, you’ll probably want to check with us so we can make sure library holdings are a strength in that evaluation.

If you want to add print or electronic subscriptions, please talk to us. Those are long-term commitments that need some evaluation.

Ephraim faculty should contact Lynn Anderson - 435-283-7366

Richfield faculty should contact Carol Kunzler - 435-893-2238