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Provost, Dr. Steve Hood

Steve Hood

I am excited to be a part of Snow College and serve the students and faculty of our Ephraim and Richfield campuses.  Snow is recognized nationally as a leader in higher education in both the liberal arts and career and technical education.  Snow is a great college that changes lives.
There is a difference between great colleges and colleges with great programs.  Colleges with great programs can boast about their athletics, an academic major or two, or a friendly campus atmosphere.  But great colleges demonstrate both an understanding of liberal education as reflected in the transformative experiences of the students and a dedication to developing career and technical skills that prepare students for the ever-changing world of work.

There is a sense of appreciation and awareness that exists at Snow College that few institutions possess.  Yes, we have wonderful athletics, strong academic majors and we have a robust campus atmosphere at both our Ephraim and Richfield campuses.  But more importantly, we have a strong educational core that asks students to wrestle with timeless questions and challenge themselves to master career skills.  Our professors invite students to join with them in learning about the world and universe about them.  This joint undertaking allows students and teachers to wonder together about human potential and limitations, to consider how we should live our lives and how our lives can impact others for good and to prepare for a productive future.  I cannot think of a more noble endeavor and I am proud to be part of this wonderful institution.

I was born in Provo, Utah, and was educated at Brigham Young University, where I earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, and the University of California, Santa Barbara where I completed a PhD in political science.  I have spent most of my career at Ursinus College in Collegeville, Pennsylvania where I taught political science for thirty years and was instrumental in developing new core courses.  I am the author of three books and numerous articles.  Most of my research has focused on Asian politics and in particular, how countries become democratic.  I have been a commentator on Asian politics for NPR affiliate stations, Fox News Channel and CNN online news.  My wife Mary and I live in Ephraim and we have four children.

Steve Hood, Ph.D., Provost
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