Lunt Makes Career Discoveries through the Career Center

Connor Lunt is a 21-year old freshman at Snow College who is majoring in Radiology. His ultimate career goal is to work in a sports medicine/orthopedic clinic as an MRI or X-Ray Technician.

Lunt is on the dean’s list and on track to keep his 4.0 GPA. He received a presidential scholarship for the 2018 academic year and plans to keep it for the 2019-2020 school year. These accomplishments will help him to have credibility and experience as he gets into the Weber State University Radiology program.

After hearing good things about Stacie Durrance, a career advisor, and about the Career Center as a whole, Lunt decided to seek help in finding full-time employment. “The help that I received was highly personalized and Stacie helped me set up my resume in order to look good for the job I was applying for and prepared me for the interview,” Lunt said.

Lunt received a job at Oxbow Academy as a mentor. He received a promotion to lead mentor, and then to shift supervisor. He works boys through their schoolwork, residential life, and therapy that struggle with sexual, substance, or behavioral issues. As a mentor, he keeps an eye on these boys to prevent any dangerous situations from arising. As a supervisor, he oversees the staff during daily activities and manages medications and other personal matters for the boys.

Working with the Career Center actually helped Lunt to figure out what he did not want to do. He had been thinking about doing psychology and running his own boys home, but the process he went through actually helped him to realize that he wanted to become a radiologist. On top of everything, the Career Center was also able to help his wife, Alli, find full-time employment at Cotiviti. Lunt will attend another year at Snow College before applying for the radiology program at Weber State.

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