Hallows Finds Success Through Snow College & Smart Career Choices

While attending Snow College, Ethan Hallows found himself aligned with a fairly new Natural Resources program. He described that much support came from the program and the professors within it. He gave the program credit in helping him decide his career path, described how it presented enough educational opportunities to move on to a 4-year degree, how it equipped him with experience to get summer and seasonal jobs, and ultimately helped him to get where he is today.

Hallows completed two of his goals, to get his degree and to find a job in the field of Natural Resource Management, and contributes much of his success to Snow College and its Natural Resources program. Hallow praised the professors and their efforts to help each student succeed. “I use my education and experience from Snow College every single day in the professional world.” Ethan continues, “I hope to just continue to learn and gain experience so that I can be one of the best in my field.”

After receiving his degree in natural resources (2016), Hallows continued his education at Utah State University. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Rangeland Ecology and Management in 2018. 

Ethan now works for the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration as a Rangeland Resource Specialist. In his position he holds many responsibilities including overseeing the grazing program, noxious weed program, range improvement program, small forest products program, and agriculture lease program in the northern half of the state of Utah. He loves what he does and continues to encourage people to come to Snow College.

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