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Hope Corps interns gain skills

Hope Corps is an internship program setup by Utah Community Builders, a division of the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce. It hires 4 to 10 college students per year in paid internships that allow them to work from home.

Three of the interns are Snow College students. Steffine Amodt, Hope Corps Intern Coordinator, said Hope Corps interns work for Utah businesses to research and help implement employee policies that allow for better mental health, family friendly perks in the workplace, and training for higher or better positions. Amodt said there are several benefits such as networking with business leaders in the state. “It gives students a way to contribute to social issues that are very influential to our future.”

One of the Snow College interns Camila Cardinali said working for the Small Business Development Center has provided an opportunity to be a part of something bigger. “I have met and heard so many astonishing ideas and stories from different people that opened my eyes in a way I never expected when I first got the internship. I got to learn about hard work, being persistent, ambition, and how to grow and be a better person.”

For more information about all kinds of internships see the Career Center at either campus location.

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