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Success Stories Archive

Interns in the Snow College Sports Medicine program gain hands-on training and experience working with Badger athletes under the supervision of Spencer Mack, Head Athletic Trainer. They work directly with injury prevention, emergency care, treatments, and with rehabilitation of injuries. Mack said, “This is a great introductory experience to the world of medicine. This isn't pretend. We see real injuries and do real treatments and rehabilitation. It is one of the best preparatory experiences students can have if they want to follow a career in medicine.” Interested students should apply well before the next semester begins. Candidates meet with Mack for an informal interview. He then determines if the student will be a good fit and invites them to formally apply for the internship. Students who successfully complete Mack's program commonly transfer to Utah Tech, Southern Utah University, University of Utah, and Brigham Young University. Many of Mack's Badger alumni have become physical therapists, health and wellness coaches, athletic trainers, chiropractors, and even a sports psychologist. “We are providing an experience unparalleled in Junior College Athletics," Mack said. His interns leave with a solid commitment to maintain the program's motto, "Improve performance through quality care” throughout their careers. 
Hope Corps is an internship program setup by Utah Community Builders, a division of the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce. It hires 4 to 10 college students per year in paid internships that allow them to work from home.

Three of the interns are Snow College students. Steffine Amodt, Hope Corps Intern Coordinator, said Hope Corps interns work for Utah businesses to research and help implement employee policies that allow for better mental health, family friendly perks in the workplace, and training for higher or better positions. Amodt said there are several benefits such as networking with business leaders in the state. “It gives students a way to contribute to social issues that are very influential to our future.”

One of the Snow College interns Camila Cardinali said working for the Small Business Development Center has provided an opportunity to be a part of something bigger. “I have met and heard so many astonishing ideas and stories from different people that opened my eyes in a way I never expected when I first got the internship. I got to learn about hard work, being persistent, ambition, and how to grow and be a better person.”

For more information about all kinds of internships see the Career Center at either campus location.
Think that campus job is just a paycheck? Think again! When you work part-time in college, you are also gaining skills in use of tech or tools related to your job, time management, customer service, coworker communication, problem-solving, and more. Take a moment and think of the new skills you have picked up on the job and how you will communicate that on your resume and in your interviews. If you need help with voicing your skills, stop by our Career Centers on either campus to visit with an advisor. You can call 435-893-2212 to make an appointment on either campus.

To honor our more than 700 Badger student employees we participated in the annual National Student Employee Week, April 11 to 17, 2021, and hosted a nomination process for Student Employee of the Year. After reading and ranking 40 nominations from campus supervisors, our seven judges chose Emma Otteson as Student Employee of the Year. She works for the Counseling and Wellness Center as a Team Leader. Her supervisors said she lead teammates well, kept in touch with them over the summers, and served as a resource to them during the school year for activities and services. She also headed up their positive social media posts! Way to go, Emma! Other finalists were Ian Julander of the Richfield Library, Brandie Worthen of the Richfield Success Center, Mckenzie Lamb Wunderlich of Education and Family Studies, Ashley Brewer of the Human Resources Department, Joe Williams for SnowTV, and Anna Seipert for the Marketing Department. Good job, Badgers - we depend on you to keep us going!

Alumna Adriana Salazar, an international student pursuing her education at the University of Utah, continues to maintain a tradition of excellence, hard work, and resilience after Snow College.

At Snow College, Adriana was involved in different leadership positions. “I was the Resident Assistant for two years, and the vice president of the international club for one year.” she said. Through these leadership opportunities, Adriana was able to make an impact on campus. In fact, she earned Snow College Lorenzo Award of 2020, which the highest recognition given to a student who showcased excellence in all things.

Adriana came several times to the Career Center, seeking help during her job hunt. A peer advisor gave her resources on how to write a resume, and cover letter. “This helped me begin the process. Later, they helped me improve my cover letter and resume.” Job search may be daunting sometimes, but the student peer advisors are fully trained to coach their fellow badgers to begin their job search and help the students get placed in the job market.

Adriana said, “With their help I was able to improve my resume and a template for a cover letter that helped me to get the job I have today.” She currently works as a Research Assistant in the University of Utah and is part of the Undergraduate Student Advisory Committee of the School of Computing.

Adriana encourages all the Snow College students to visit the Career Center to receive help from the Student Peer Advisors, because the they care about you and want you to succeed.

Chih-Hsun Kao is an international student from Taiwan. He is currently a freshman at Snow College and majors in the school’s music program. Kao is still uncertain about what he wants to do with his future career.

Kao recently came into the Career Center seeking help while looking for a job during the fall semester. He used several of the resources offered by the center, these include a personality and strengths assessments, resume/cover letter workshops, and Handshake account creation. He mentions how these have been important in helping him decide his future career path.

Through the help of these resources and the Career Center advisors, Kao was able to find his first job at Snow. He now works on campus as a tutor in the math lab.

He enjoys Snow College for the friendly people and will continue to pursue his education. His goal is to eventually get a Master’s Degree in the field he decides is best for him. He left advice to future students encouraging them to come and receive help at the Career Center!

Recently Sanpete County has been on an Economic Rise. This had led to many job opportunities for students in and around the Ephraim area. Employers have come to Ephraim to expand their company with new locations or are in search of people who want to work remotely. These positions are great for students in search of employment.

Here are several places looking to hire students as soon as possible. Some positions are for the Holiday months and others are through the spring semester.

-Christensen Arms- Ephraim Facility

-Pitman Family Farms- Moroni Facility

-Caption Call- Remote Workers

- Anderson Seed


Do not miss out on these opportunities for work! Apply on Badger Handshake. Questions? Reach out to the Career Center via phone 435.893.2221 or email We can help you create a resume, practice interviews, and apply for the position.

Amanda Wood, a Snow College alumni who teaches cosmetology on the Snow College Richfield campus, shares her positive experience with the Snow College Career Center after using the resources.

“The Career Center has helped me as an instructor in so many ways. I have used the majority of the programs the Career Center has suggested.  I utilize them in my professional development classes.” She said.

Amanda uses the Career Center resources to teach Professional Development and Cosmetology classes and prepare her students for the workforce. Examples of these resources include StandOut, an online mock interview tool, and LinkedIn.

Amanda expresses the benefits of using StandOut by stating “I absolutely LOVED the StandOut program.  I teach a professional development class and it deals a lot with interview skills. This program was so well put together and so easy to navigate on the teacher’s end of things. It helped all my students.”

Amanda also used the Myers Briggs Type Indicator in her course so her students gain insight into their personality types and how to use them to work with others. Students did the assessment first and then Career Center Director Lisa Laird went over the results and shared activities to demonstrate personality types.

To all Snow College Students, Amanda said “GO IN!  VISIT with them.  They WANT YOU TO SUCCEED.  Let them help you succeed.”

While attending Snow College, Ethan Hallows found himself aligned with a fairly new Natural Resources program. He described that much support came from the program and the professors within it. He gave the program credit in helping him decide his career path, described how it presented enough educational opportunities to move on to a 4-year degree, how it equipped him with experience to get summer and seasonal jobs, and ultimately helped him to get where he is today.

Hallows completed two of his goals, to get his degree and to find a job in the field of Natural Resource Management, and contributes much of his success to Snow College and its Natural Resources program. Hallow praised the professors and their efforts to help each student succeed. “I use my education and experience from Snow College every single day in the professional world.” Ethan continues, “I hope to just continue to learn and gain experience so that I can be one of the best in my field.”

After receiving his degree in natural resources (2016), Hallows continued his education at Utah State University. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Rangeland Ecology and Management in 2018. 

Ethan now works for the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration as a Rangeland Resource Specialist. In his position he holds many responsibilities including overseeing the grazing program, noxious weed program, range improvement program, small forest products program, and agriculture lease program in the northern half of the state of Utah. He loves what he does and continues to encourage people to come to Snow College.

Sienna Jones spent most of her time during high school in the greenhouse which inspired her to join the natural resource club at Snow College. Her hands-on experience expands her passion for plants and agriculture and drives her career goal to work in an agriculture or natural resource position.

Jones wants to help others manage and improve land to grow crops, raise livestock, harvest timber, and respond to the needs of her customers. Landing a spot that allows her to be outside often will be a bonus since she loves to spend her free time there.

While taking an agriculture career exploration course last semester, Jones learned about a position for a soil conservationist internship. After using the resume template available on the Snow College Career Center web page, she sought help from Stacie Durrance, a career advisor.

“Stacie helped me to realize my accomplishments and advised me to include detailed information about my previous job that I had not considered.” After working with the Career Center, Jones received the soil conservationist internship.

Jones’ works for the Natural Resource Conservation Service where she assists in creating management plans for others who are seeking to improve their land quality.

“I am currently taking a GIS Navigation class at Snow College, which has proven to be useful for my internship because I use maps and UTM coordinate systems frequently,” Jones says, “Even though the application process for my job required many hours of my time and effort, it was worth it!”

Jones advice to others is to apply for positions even if you have doubts. “Put forth the effort and apply because you never know what opportunities it will open up to you. Always be striving for resume building experiences because Snow College offers them constantly.”

Elliott Phillips (Snow College Alum, 1999) says, “My life and career have been spent taking opportunities to better my situation.”

While attending Snow College, Phillips worked at a local construction company. This opportunity opened the door to a job at Utah State, working in maintenance for the housing department, a rewarding position that offered free housing. This gave Phillips the financial freedom to further his education.

He got accepted in the Huntsman School of Business, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree, and eventually his MBA all debt-free.

To begin his career, Phillips started a successful sales and marketing company, which he ran for 11 years before selling, making room to again better his situation.

He established employment with Organogenesis, a leading company in regenerative medicine. Phillips found his niche in Surgical and Sports Medicine, an interest that continued to fuel his career.  As Sales Director, his primary focus is to build distribution channels for surgical products here in the U.S.

He manages a team of regional managers and 600 sales representatives, that aid in dispersal of merchandise to 27 states, and roughly 150 sales agencies.

Phillips still desires more from his career, and has a goal to one day become the National Vice President of Sales for Organogenesis. He continues to be the best Sales Director while focusing on gaining the skills and abilities to one day fill some pretty big shoes.

His advice to Snow College Badgers, “Work hard, study hard, network hard. Always be ready and able to take an opportunity when it presents itself.”

When Dale attended Snow College, he fell in love with Sanpete County and all its unique offerings. He loved the size of the student body. "The smaller scale provided rich experiences with different people who came from in state and out of state."

Darling learned a lot from the professors. His experiences stayed with him his entire life. "The one-on-one care and attention helped form my personal core values."

Both years that Darling attended Snow, he worked as a "Hod Carrier" for a local brick mason. He worked around his school schedule building residential brick homes, chimneys, fireplaces, and fences.

"Hod carrying was back-breaking labor and motivated me to stay in school and aspire to be paid for my intelligence and not my physical strength." A desire that led to graduation from Snow College ('79).

He pursued further education, and graduated from the University of Utah ('87), kickstarting his career in TV-Broadcast Sales. Within a couple years, KSL recruited him to a full-time position.

Darling continues to build on 30 years of experience with KSL, as the Senior VP of Sales for Deseret Digital Media, the digital publishing division of KSL brands. With 10 years of experience at DDM, he is a perfect match for managing social media and online website portals for KSL.

His first career in sales taught him to never accept no for an answer. He also learned to always build relationships and network.

"Most importantly, I learned that problem-solving and taking 100% personal responsibility for everything I was trusted with empowered me to succeed or fail fast. My years spent selling and producing revenue fueled my career and my personal life."

Small class sizes, caring professors, and the opportunity to make lots of friends at Snow College marked the start of success for Mark Coombs.

Coombs transferred to the University of Utah after graduating with two degrees from Snow in 1981. “When I met with a counselor…they were very excited to have me there. They knew that students from Snow College were the best in the state and well prepared to attend a university.”

During his first year at Snow, Coombs worked in the activity center. He woke up early to work before his first class of the day. He was a chemistry tutor for his second year and loved helping students do well in their classes.

Coombs went into the medical profession as a Medical Technologist. An afternoon chemistry supervisor at ARUP was Coomb’s first career when they initially opened up as a reference lab.

Coombs learned a lot about his profession and how to manage others. His degree allowed him to have many opportunities for how he wanted to spend his life. “If you work hard and smart you can do anything you want and move up in any organization.”

He now works for Abbott Rapid Diagnostics as a Technical Consultant. His career goals include sharing his knowledge with others to make their lives better and educating people on how fast the medical profession is changing.

To all Badgers, Coombs says, “Enjoy your time at Snow, learn all you can from other students and the professors. You will never have a group of professors that are so dedicated to helping you if you will but ask.”

He continues, “If you apply yourself while at Snow you will be successful in anything that you do. Be successful in your career so you can give back to other people and organizations like Snow that helped you along the way.”

“The programs I have taken at Snow College have really driven me to work towards the high standards and dreams I’ve set”, Dallin Aston says, “I attribute a lot of the success I have already had to Snow College and the courses and professors I have had helping me along the way.”

Aston, an Administration and International Business major, will graduate from Snow College this year. He would like to “pursue entrepreneurship and start, buy, sell, and own companies.”

His first semester included working in the Career Center. He says, “I was able to build great relationships with those who already worked there and learn a lot about good interview skills, resumes, and more.”

Aston returned to the Career Center multiple times to receive advice on interviews and resumes. CliftonStrengths, a personality assessment, helped him understand and know how to use his strengths. “I love the Career Center!”

While at Snow College, Aston experienced many incredible opportunities. He began his own business online ( where he teaches anAstd sells guitar gear. He now serves as an Ambassador and interns for the Business Department.

Aston won Opportunity Quest and other Shark-Tank-Like competitions and will advance to the State Entrepreneur Challenge in March.

“Every opportunity that I have had at Snow has taught me and inspired me to work hard towards what I desire to achieve and has helped me actually see possibility in getting there. Before coming to Snow and experiencing the accomplishments I have, I definitely did not have as big of aspirations or dreams.”

Aston also said, “I have experienced countless failures and hardships…I plan to use my Snow College accomplishments and failures to lay the foundation to build the life I have always dreamt of.” This fall, he will pursue a bachelor degree at SUU.

Levi Cragun, a 26-year old alum, began his higher education journey at Snow College. Cragun loved having helpful professors and making close-knit friendships during his time in Ephraim.

After graduating in 2017, Cragun attended Utah State University where he received his bachelor degree. He is currently attending Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ working in their psychology clinic. He will be obtaining a Psy. D. in Clinical Psychology.

In his current position, Cragun answers phones, schedules appointments, and does other office tasks. He filled out an application and was asked to interview before starting this job.

Cragun used the Snow College Career Center as a resource to get his resumes and cover letters proofread. He can now use the tips he received to showcase his qualifications for any future job.

During his time at Snow College, he was nominated for the Lorenzo Snow Award and presented at two different conferences. He says Snow provided him the opportunity to have a lot of friendships that have benefited him today.

The most successful people are often those who rely heavily on the power of networking. A well-developed network provides meaningful relationships and endless opportunities. It helps you get hired and helps grow your career.

After attending a Silicon Slopes Technology Summit with Snow College as an entrepreneurship initiative with the Grit Center, Jackson Porter heard about the company Banjo, a “live-time intelligence platform” used to let others find out what is happening in the world instantly.

After hearing the Banjo CEO speak, Porter networked with the Executive Vice President and the Vice President of Engineering and found out about the job he has now as a software engineer.

Porter’s application process involved an in-person introduction, a resume, a phone interview, and an online meeting displaying technical abilities. He was also interviewed in person by a series of individuals with different roles within the company. “This gave me assurance and exposure to the many people I work with today,” Porter said.

The responsibilities that he has as a software engineer include platform design and creation, code reviews and team enhancements, and maintaining ownership of work. He says his accomplishments include “understanding the general flow of the company’s software services, building and maintaining services within the current flow, solving problems quickly and efficiently, and learning new technology stacks and programming languages quickly with proficiency.

Porter graduated from Snow College with his Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering with an emphasis in Web Development in 2019. He also acquired two associate degrees.

He learned and grew so much with his experiences at Snow College and in Sanpete County. He says, “Snow taught me that you have to believe in yourself and be comfortable in order to succeed. I was able to feel and be a part of the spirit of Snow and it helped me personally grow through academic and personal endeavors.”

Connor Lunt is a 21-year old freshman at Snow College who is majoring in Radiology. His ultimate career goal is to work in a sports medicine/orthopedic clinic as an MRI or X-Ray Technician.

Lunt is on the dean’s list and on track to keep his 4.0 GPA. He received a presidential scholarship for the 2018 academic year and plans to keep it for the 2019-2020 school year. These accomplishments will help him to have credibility and experience as he gets into the Weber State University Radiology program.

After hearing good things about Stacie Durrance, a career advisor, and about the Career Center as a whole, Lunt decided to seek help in finding full-time employment. “The help that I received was highly personalized and Stacie helped me set up my resume in order to look good for the job I was applying for and prepared me for the interview,” Lunt said.

Lunt received a job at Oxbow Academy as a mentor. He received a promotion to lead mentor, and then to shift supervisor. He works boys through their schoolwork, residential life, and therapy that struggle with sexual, substance, or behavioral issues. As a mentor, he keeps an eye on these boys to prevent any dangerous situations from arising. As a supervisor, he oversees the staff during daily activities and manages medications and other personal matters for the boys.

Working with the Career Center actually helped Lunt to figure out what he did not want to do. He had been thinking about doing psychology and running his own boys home, but the process he went through actually helped him to realize that he wanted to become a radiologist. On top of everything, the Career Center was also able to help his wife, Alli, find full-time employment at Cotiviti. Lunt will attend another year at Snow College before applying for the radiology program at Weber State.

Mattie Stringfellow, a May graduate, came to the Snow College Richfield Career Center on several occasions seeking help from advisors. While attending Snow College, she worked at the Student Success Center and Library on the Richfield campus.

“The Career Center helped me improve my resume and cover letter to participate in State PBL, (an organization where students compete in business and career-related areas),” Stringfellow said. To further her preparation, she participated in a mock interview with an advisor. “The mock interview gave me the confidence to walk into that job interview contest and do well. With that confidence, I was able to qualify for Nationals.”

After her nomination for a Lorenzo Snow Award as student employee of the year at Snow College, Stringfellow attended a workshop centered on exploring her personality preferences and strengths. “The Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment helped me focus on the positive.”

Stringfellow discovered that her top five strengths are restorative, harmony, empathy, developer, and responsibility. With her newly acquired skills, Stringfellow plans to transfer to a university and pursue a degree in business management with a possible emphasis in social media management. She is working for Fish Lake Resorts this summer, a job she secured doing on-campus interviews in Richfield.