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Account Payable: Questions and Answers

Hi friends,

If you ever submit anything for payment – check request, travel reimbursement, invoice, etc. – PLEASE READ THIS! Please print this or flag it as a reference for if you ever have any questions. I have also added this to the Snow College website. You can find it at > Offices, Controller’s Office > Information > Accounts Payable Questions and Answers.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Jourdan (Hansen) Watts. I am the Accounts Payable Manager for Snow College. I pay everything for Richfield and Ephraim campuses. I am located on the Richfield Campus in the Administration Building.

This email is a reminder for all of us about some things that help make Accounts Payable run smoothly. I realize that there are many new faces and lots of old ones. Sometimes a brush-up is needed. So, here goes…

1 – When are check runs?: I enter invoices every day of the week, however, checks are only cut on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, unless indicated otherwise (you will receive an email about a week beforehand). Checks are mailed the same day they are printed. To expedite your receipt of funds, I encourage you to sign up for Direct Deposit for all of your reimbursements. You can do that here: DirectDeposit.

How do I get a lost or missing refund check replaced? See the instructions for the Check Reissue Procedure.

Please note: Payroll and Accounts Payable are two completely separate things. If you receive your payroll via Direct Deposit, but still receive checks for any other reimbursements, you will need to sign up for Direct Deposit for Accounts Payable.

2 – Where do I send my forms?: ALL check requests, invoices, travel reimbursements come to me - Jourdan Watts. They no longer go to Lisa Jones. Please send them to me, unless you have prior arrangements with Lisa to send them to her. If you are not bringing the form(s) directly to my office, please send them through inter-office mail: Jourdan Watts, SCR AP. If you are sending from Ephraim through inter-office mail, there is a bin for me in the Mail Room and in the Noyes Building, Business Office. Shelly, our courier, picks up the mail daily around 11 AM.

3 – When should I turn my forms in?: ASAP! Snow College Policy states that any check request and/or travel reimbursement is to be submitted within 30 days or else you need VP approval. We get many that are over the 30 day limit.

4 – What form should I use?: I have attached a blank copy of the check request and travel reimbursement forms. There has been some confusion on which form to use. The travel reimbursement form is used only for travel reimbursements - any costs that you incurred while traveling. If you are seeking reimbursement or payment for anything other than travel, it needs to go on a check request form.

You can also click these links to find them on the Snow College website here:, then click “Request for Check” or “Travel Reimbursement Form.”

5 – How do I fill out a Check Request or Travel Reimbursement Form?: I receive so so many forms that are not filled out completely. This leads to delays in payments because I have to collect the missing information. This leads me to my next point.

What you MUST fill out on a Check Request Form:


-Banner ID (This is easily the #1 thing that is missing most often. It is critical to write the Banner ID on the form. See #6.)

-Cost Code (This seems to be the #2 thing that is missing. I absolutely cannot pay without a cost code.)

-Amount – the total reimbursement you are seeking.

-Pay To (please include their name and FULL address! Lots of times people/vendors have many addresses in Banner and the invoice or attached documentation doesn’t always show the “remit to:” address, so it gets sent to the wrong address. That leads to people calling asking where there money is.)


-Two Signatures (see #8)

Optional Check Boxes: -Include documentation with payment: Check this box if you would like us to send a copy of any/all the paperwork that you have included with your check request.

-Special handling instructions: If you would like the check sent back to you so you can hand deliver or whatever the case may be, write it in this line.

What to include: I cannot just pay/reimburse off of a check request. There must be supporting documentation, whether it be an invoice, a receipt, an email, etc. If you are asking reimbursement for treats/food for a meeting or activity, you must include an event notification and an explanation as to why you did not use your Snow College Pcard. A flyer of the meeting or activity is best, but I can use whatever method you used to notify people about your meeting/activity. Please also include a list of names of everyone that attended the meeting/activity.

Independent Contractors: This is a subject we have many problems with. It’s a little more complicated than just filling out the Check Request form and sending it in. If you hire someone to come in and do a service for you – such as private lessons, coaching, speaking, etc., you MUST have them fill out and sign the Independent Contractor form. You can find a copy of that here: Independent Contractor Services Agreement. If you aren’t sure if someone qualifies as an Independent Contractor, you can email me and ask or click this link: Contractor IRS. It is best to ask before submitting the paperwork because if not all required documents are attached, this causes a huge delay. I have to seek higher approval and figure out why you did not include it in the first place. So to sum this up, if you hire someone to help you or perform a service for you and you are not paying them with your Pcard, you must include with the check request the Independent Contractor Form and the invoice.

Employees as an Independent Contractor: If any person is hired by Snow College and they do work as an Independent Contractor for you, you MUST fill out a Payroll Action Form (PAF) with the HR office. I cannot pay employees through AP for this sort of thing. There are huge fines and penalties for this. For more information on how to fill out a PAF and why they are required, click here: Policy 321 payroll action requests and here if the person is part-time/hourly: student payroll action form and here if the person is full time: Full time payroll action form.

What to fill out on a travel reimbursement form:

-Banner ID (see #6)


-Cost Code

-Destination City

-Purpose (please be specific on this. Do not put “Training,” please put what the actual name of the training/meeting/conference was called.)

-Date you left and date you returned

-Two signatures (see #8).

If you are asking for miles on the Travel Reimbursement Form:

-Date of your travel

-# of miles traveled

I double check all mileage through MapQuest. We allow up to 50 miles over what MQ says for travel to/from hotel, conference, meals, etc. when you stay more than one day. If it is a one-day trip, the miles need to be closer in range than that. If you are over the allowance, please include a reason why or I will have to ask you, which again, delays getting your money in a timely manner.

Snow College pays .41 per mile.

If you are asking for meals on the Travel Reimbursement Form:

-Indicate the date and which meal. I find it easiest to figure out when you write the date in the box of the meal you are asking for.

What to include: When asking for meals, you must attach further documentation. You cannot just send in the travel reimbursement form. A detailed schedule or agenda of the conference/training you attended is best. If you do not have one, please attach an explanation as to why you do not have one. If you do not send in this needed information, I will have to ask for it, which causes a delay in you getting your money. I do not need copies of your receipts that you spent on meals that you are being reimbursed for.

Please note: We cannot reimburse for meals that were provided at your training/conference. If there was a meal that was provided and you seek reimbursement for that meal, I will ask you why you did not eat the meal provided. If you have a significant reason as to why you couldn’t eat the provided meal (such as a dietary reason), I can seek further approval and possibly give you it. However, if you do not eat the meal because you chose not to or wanted to eat out with family/friends that night, you will not be reimbursed for that, as the meal was already paid for in your conference registration.

Please note: No meals can be reimbursed for same day travel. It must be an over-night trip to qualify for meal reimbursement.

Snow College per day for in-state meals is $9 for breakfast, $11 for lunch, $16 for dinner. Per day for out-of-state meals is $10 for breakfast, $14 for lunch, $21 for dinner. If you go over those costs, that’s on you. If you are under, great, you will still get the per day amount.

If you are asking for miscellaneous expenses on the Travel Reimbursement Form:




What to include: The original, itemized receipt (see #9).

If you are asking for air fare on the Travel Reimbursement Form:



What to include: attach the original, itemized receipt (see #9).

If you are asking for lodging on the Travel Reimbursement Form:


-Hotel Name


What to include: attach the original, itemized receipt (see #9). If you do not have a receipt because you stayed with family/friends, please indicate that so that I don’t have to ask, which in turn, causes a delay in receiving your money.

For more information on Snow College travel policy, please see Policy 369 travel policy.

6 - Banner ID: This is a HUGE one! We have nearly 200,000 people/vendors in Banner. It is highly likely that there is someone in the system with the same name as you! If you are filling out a reimbursement form for yourself and you do not include your Banner ID on this form and there is more than one person with the same name as you, I don’t know which one is you and I need to make sure I am paying the correct person, so I will have to email and ask you for your number, which delays you receiving your money. If you are paying a vendor and you do not know their number, it’s okay to leave blank and I can look it up.

7 - Using your P-card: If you submit something that I think you could have used your P-card on, I will email you and ask you “For audit purposes, I have to ask why you did not use your Snow College P-card to make this purchase?” “Because I didn’t want to” is not a valid reason. If you can use your P-card, PLEASE DO, as it is the preferred method of payment. If you have a valid reason as to why you could not use your P-card to pay for the purchase, that’s okay, but please indicate this somewhere on your form.

8 – Two signatures: Every check request must have two signatures. One signature from the person requesting the money and one signature from a person approving the reimbursement/payment. These two signatures cannot be from the same person. If you are unsure of who else should sign, it will be your budget holder. Even if you are the budget holder, we still need a second signature. Please ask your supervisor if you are still unsure. Even President Cook has to have a second signature. 

9 – Original, itemized receipt: Snow College Policy states that I cannot reimburse anyone with a copy of a receipt. It must be the original, itemized receipt. It cannot be a credit card slip either. I need one that states exactly what you bought and how much each item cost.

10 – Give me time: Give me at least 7 business days to get everything processed in Banner for payment/reimbursement. Most of the time, it doesn’t take me longer than a day. It is when things are missing or people are gone that it takes longer. That’s why it is so important to include everything!! If you know you need a check cut by a certain day, please please keep this in mind. Sending it down the day of or two, even three days before is cutting it very close. I cannot always guarantee that it will be cut by the time you need it. I will do my best, but sometimes it doesn’t always work out.

Please realize it takes a whole team to get everything processed. If it is a new vendor that we have not paid before, I have to collect a W9 from the business, email the Purchasing Office all of the info so they can add them in Banner and then I can proceed. If it is a new person that we have never paid before, I have to collect a W9 from them, email Purchasing and HR to add them in Banner and then I can proceed. That is if everything was filled out right and had all the correct documents included. For the final process of actually printing the checks out, it takes five people to complete a check run. It ultimately takes all of us working together for it to run 100% smoothly.

11 – Others:

  • Please note that creating a requisition does NOT pay the invoice. You still MUST send me the invoice so I can enter in for payment.
  • Going back to the cost code. There are hundreds of accounts throughout the College. I do not have a list of every account. If you would like me to pay something, you MUST include the cost/account code.

Hopefully this was helpful for all of you. I apologize for it being so long, but I feel like all of this needed to be said. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask me! I am happy to help. I know these can be tricky and there is a lot that goes into each one.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Jourdan (Hansen) Watts
Snow College
Accounts Payable Manager

Office: 435-893-2210