1)   When are check runs?

  • Invoices are entered daily, however, checks are only cut on Tuesday and Thursday, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Checks are mailed the same day they are printed
  • To expedite receipt of funds, sign up for Direct Deposit. Please note: Payroll and Accounts Payable are separate. Even if you receive your payroll via Direct Deposit, you still need to sign up for Direct Deposit for Accounts Payable.
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit for Accounts Payable here:

2)   Where should forms be sent?

  • All check requests, invoices, travel reimbursements go to Jourdan Hansen. They may be sent through inter-office mail to: Jourdan Hansen, SCR AP. If sending from Ephraim, there is a bin for Jourdan in the Mail Room and in the Business Office (Noyes Building). The courier typically picks up mail daily around 11:00 am.

3)   When should forms be turned in?

  • Snow College Policy states that any check request and/or travel reimbursement is to be submitted within 30 days. If more than 30 days have passed, Vice President approval is needed.

4)   Which form should be used?

  • Travel reimbursement forms should only be used for costs incurred while travelling.
  • Check request forms should be used for any reimbursement or payment for anything other than travel.
  • Forms can be found here:

5)   Who should sign the forms?

  • Two different signatures are required for every check request.
  • Signature of person requesting payment/reimbursement.
  • Signature of supervisor/person approving payment.  This cannot be the same person requesting payment.

6)   What documentation is needed?

  • Snow College policy is that reimbursement cannot be issued without the original, itemized receipt. Copies of receipts or Credit Card slips are not accepted.

7)   Please note:

  • P-cards are the preferred method of payment and must be used whenever possible. If P-card was not used, a valid reason for not using the card must be listed on the form.
  • Allow 7 business days for processing payment/reimbursement requests.
  • Banner ID must be included on all payment forms. If banner ID number is not included, this could result in a delay of payment.



1)   The following information must be included when filling out Check Request forms:

  • Date
  • Banner ID
  • Cost Code
  • Amount: Total reimbursement you are seeking
  • Pay To: Include full name and full address
  • Explanation
  • Two Signatures (See FAQ’s for clarification)

2)   Optional Check Boxes:

  • Include Documentation with Payment: Check this box if you would like to receive a copy of any/all paperwork that you have included with the check request.
  • Special Handling Instructions: Indicate here if you would like the check sent directly to you so that you may hand deliver, etc.

3)   Supporting Documentation (invoices, receipts, emails, etc.) must accompany all check requests.

  • For reimbursement of food for a meeting or activity, an event notification such as a flyer announcing the meeting must be included, along with a list of all those who were in attendance.
  • An explanation of why a Snow College P-card was not used is also required for reimbursement.

4)   Independent Contractors:

  • When requesting payment for an individual who has performed a service such as private lessons, coaching, speaking, etc., that person must fill out an Independent Contractor form.
  • When unsure if an individual qualifies as an independent contractor, contact Jourdan Hansen for clarification.

5)   Employees as Independent Contractors:

  • If an employee of Snow College acts as an Independent Contractor, a Payroll Action Form (PAF) must be filed with the office of Human Resources (HR) as such payment cannot be processed through Accounts Payable.



1)   The following information must be included when filling out Travel Reimbursement Forms:

  • Banner ID
  • Name
  • Cost Code
  • Destination City
  • Purpose: A specific purpose must be listed. For example, form cannot simply say “training”. Form must list name of training, conference, meeting, etc.
  • Departure and return dates
  • Two Signatures (See FAQ’s for clarification)

2)   Mileage: The following must be included when requesting mileage reimbursement. Miles are to be reimbursed at the rate of .41 per mile.

  • Date of travel
  • Number of miles traveled: All mileage is verified using MapQuest.
  • If stay exceeds one day, up to 50 additional miles are accepted to account for travel to and from hotel, conference, meals, etc.
  • For mileage over the allowance indicated above, reason for additional mileage must be provided.

3)   Meals: The following must be included when requesting meal reimbursement.

  • Indicate the date and which meal. Write the date in the box of the meal you are asking for.
  • Schedule or agenda of conference/training you attended.
  • Meals provided at conference/training cannot be reimbursed unless there is a compelling reason that meal could not be consumed by attendee.
  • Receipts are not required for meal reimbursement.
  • Additional funds will not be granted above current per diem rate.
  • Per diem rates:
      • In state: Breakfast- $9, Lunch- $11, Dinner- $16
      • Out of state: Breakfast- $10, Lunch- $14, Dinner- $21

4)   Miscellaneous expenses: The following must be included when requesting reimbursement for miscellaneous expenses.

  • Date
  • Description
  • Amount
  • Original, itemized receipt

5)   Airfare: The following must be included when requesting reimbursement for airfare.

  • Date
  • Amount
  • Original, itemized receipt

6)   Lodging: The following must be included when requesting lodging reimbursement.

  • Date
  • Hotel Name
  • Amount
  • Original, itemized receipt
      • Indicate on form if no receipt is available due to staying with family or friends.