RHA: Your Hall, Your Home, Your Choice


If you live On Campus, you are automatically a member of the largest club at Snow College! The purpose of the RHA is to represent and advocate the voice and best interests of the residents in on-campus housing. The RHA also seeks to improve the college experience for residents by creating and sustaining new programs and recommending improvements to policy that encourage growth, diversity, and academic success. By providing opportunities and giving recognition to students for their achievements and community building efforts, the RHA strives to help cultivate an environment that students are happy to call home. And of course we want to have FUN! The RHA is here for YOU to help you get involved, stay connected, and succeed at Snow College!

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Get Involved!

The RHA is always looking for students wanting to get involved!

  • Attend RHA Activities
    • Each month during the Academic year, the RHA hosts a program for all residents to attend. Attending these activities helps you meet new friends and get involved in your student community.
  • Attending General Hall Meetings
    • At General Hall Meetings, the Residence Hall Council will share what they are working on, along with accepting input from residents related to making the on-campus living experience even better.
  • Run for the Executive Board
    • Election Packets and Candidacy Applications will be made available on the RHA Canvas Page after Spring Semester Midterms and Elections take place during the first week in April. Positions of the Executive Board are President, Vice President, and Secretary. 
  • Run for a Hall Representative Position
    • At the start of the Fall Semester, the Executive Board will accept submissions to become a Residence Hall Representative. Hall Representatives serve on the Residence Hall Council as voting members and voices of their individual Residence Halls. One Representative will be appointed by the Executive Board for each Residence Hall except for the Suites at Academy Square, which will have two.
  • Submit a Nomination for a Recognition Award
    • Nominate a student or group of students for one of the RHA Recognition Awards! The RHA strives to recognize individuals or groups of residents for achievements and striving to make the community better for everyone. Find out more information for recognition efforts on our Recognition page.
  • Serve on a Hall Committee
    • Each Hall Representative heads a Committee made up of residents within their area. Committee members help support their Hall Representative in fulfilling their responsibilities by helping survey students, plan activities, advertise for events, draft proposals, and more!