Setting Up Direct Deposit

Step-by-Step Instructions for all Employees and Students:

Direct Deposit: Payroll funds will be in your bank account and available on payday (the 15th for hourly and students or the last day of the month for full-time employees).

  1. Go to and click LOGIN
  2. Enter User ID (first.last) and PIN (8-digit birthday - MMDDYYYY - for first time users, or 8-digit Badger ID)
  3. Click these links: Personal Information|Direct Deposit Allocations
  4. Click up Update or Add Direct Deposit Allocation link near the bottom of the page
  5. Enter 9-digit Bank Routing Number. Press tab and the name of your bank or credit union will appear. If your bank cannot be located, please contact Becky Welch in Payroll (see below)
  6. Enter Account Number
  7. Select either Saving or Checking
  8. Amount or Percent: Default should be 100 Percent. No "%" is necessary.
  9. Both Payroll Deposit and Accounts Payable boxes will be preselected. If these are unselected for some reason, please select both. (This is for refunds, reimbursements or replacement payroll checks)
  10. Click Save

Printed payroll checks: Checks will be mailed on payday (the 15th for hourly and students or the last day of the month for full-time employees) and will arrive later, according to U.S. postal delivery schedules.

  1. If you choose not to use direct deposit, checks will be mailed to your permanent home address on file unless you change your mailing address for payroll check purposes.
  2. Go to and click LOGIN
  3. Enter User ID (first.last) and PASSWORD (8-digit birthday - MMDDYYYY for first time users, or Badger ID)
  4. Click these links: Personal Information | Update Addresses | Type of Address to Insert. Select  Check Mailing Address, then click Submit.
  5. Fill out all information requested for the address where you want your payroll check sent.
  6. Scroll down and click Submit
  7. This option requires you to update your address each time it changes.

For any questions or help needed, please contact: 

Beck Welch at or (435)283-7069

Jan Tiatia at or (435)283-7056