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Outlook 365 Migration Q & A


What is this and why are we doing it?
We currently use a local on-premise server to handle email messages for college employees.  This server, like any other physical device ages.  To help ensure reliable, sustainable email deliver in the future, we plan to move mail handling to the Microsoft Office cloud which provides 24x7 monitoring, spam filtering, and cyber security protection.

How will it affect me and my email? 
You will continue to use Microsoft Outlook for your email or alternatively you can use your web browser to access your email and Office 365 account by going to and logging in with your snow active directory credentials (e.g.  Most of you may not even notice the change.

I am a Microsoft Teams user.  How will it affect me? 
Your teams files and group members should be preserved.  However, your chat history will not be preserved unless you save the chat history in a document which you can store in Teams or elsewhere.

Will this make our email more reliable? 
We anticipate better reliability, improved access, and less reliance on local hardware, as benefits of this migration.

When will my account be migrated?  Will I be notified before and after the migration?
We will notify a group of users each week that will be migrated during the week.  We will also send a message to the same group of users when their migration has been completed? Migration Schedule

Will my email continue to work during the migration? 
Yes, you should be able to send and receive email during the migration.  At the end of the migration, your email will just go to and come from a different post office (i.e. Office 365 in the cloud).

Will this migration impact students? 
No, student email should not be affected.

How long will the migration take? 
We anticipate it will take about 5-6 months to complete.

I am an adjunct teaching in more than one discipline, how do I know which discipline I will be migrated with? 
Most adjuncts will be migrated in one big group.  However, you may get migrated along with one of disciplines you teach in.  If you really need to know, call or email Marlin Mason. 

Once the migration is complete, how do I connect my Outlook Client?
Instructions to reconnect Outlook Client.  FYI You do not need this step if you are using the web client.

Who can I contact for more information about this migration? 
Marlin Mason (


More information can be obtained by contacting the Email Systems Admin - (435) 283-7084