Information, Instructions & Policies

Priority Registration Schedule for Fall 2015

The following priorities apply to all students - continuing, new, and transfer students.

Priority I: Monday, March 16, 2015

Beginning at 12:00 am -- all students who have 30 or more credits hours.

Priority II: Wednesday, March 30, 2015

Beginning at 6:00 pm -- all students who have 0 or more credit hours.

Priority III: Monday, April 6, 2015

All New Students.

Concurrent Enrollment and On-Campus High School Students 

If you have Snow College earned hours, you can register with your priority if you have seen a Snow College advisor and been re-admitted. All high school students MUST be re-admitted each semester prior to registration by the Admissions Office. Call Admissions at 283.7144. Advising is required before students can register. Contact the Advisement Office at 283.7313 for an appointment.


You should be advised before you register. For an appointment for in-person advising, contact the Student Success Office at 435.283.7313. We strongly encourage fact-to-face advising! During your advising appointment, an advisor will help you select a class schedule that is appropriate to your major, interests, and goals.

For online advising, go to, then go to "New Student Advisement."

If you choose this option, you will: 1) read the advising information online, 2) communicate with an advisor via email, and 3) register for classes over the internet.

Web Registration Instructions

  1. Obtain your BADGER ID number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) from the Registration or Advisement Offices, so that you can access "Badger Web" (BADGER Web Registration). Please keep these numbers secure so that no one can access your records and violate your privacy. You are able to access your file, check your schedule and obtain grade information through "Badger Web".

  2. Access the system before your scheduled registration date and make sure you have the correct PIN. Your PIN will begin as your 6 digit birthdate, (mm/dd/yy) but you may be required to change it the first time you access the system. Also check for any holds that may prevent you from registering on time.

  3. Gain access to "Badger Web" (Registration) by following these listed instructions:

    • Access
    • Click on "New Students" or "Current Students"
    • Click on "Registration"
    • Click on "Log on to the Badger Web System" (you can look at the policies and current course schedule if you scroll down on this page.)
    • Click on "LOGIN"
    • Enter Badger ID number.
      • You will need to get this number from Advisement or Registration prior to your priority registration date. You can enter your SSN as your ID, but to keep your information private, we encourage the use of your Badger ID.
    • Enter your PIN, which is your 6 digit birth-date (mmddyy) the first time you access the system.
    • Click "Student Services and Financial Aid"
    • Click "Registration"
    • Click "Select Term" You can now click "Look up classes" to add or if you know the CRN (Course Reference Number) you could go directly to Add/Drop Classes."
    • Click "Add/Drop Classes"
    • After adding classes, click "Submit" AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE
    • Make sure you click "Exit" in the upper right hand corner and then Log-off the system by checking "Exit" a second time.

Registration Policies

Adding and Withdrawing from Courses 

Students may add or withdraw from classes over the Internet until the first day of class or by coming to the Registration Office to process a registration form. Special notice should be given to the deadlines for adding and withdrawing from courses during the semester.

Change of Program Form 

Once the first week of the semester, a student who wishes to add or drop a course must file a Change of Program Form with the Registration Office. The student bears the full responsibility for acquiring the appropriate signatures and filing the form by the appropriate deadline. Failure to meet this responsibility, for any reason, may significantly impair a student's academic progress.

Open Entry/Open Exit Courses 

Many departments offer courses that have no specific deadlines by which a student must add or drop. Such courses are exempt from the calendar policies that follow.

Change Fee 

Any change of program outlined below may be accomplished during the first three weeks of instruction without a fee being charged. Any time after the third week of instruction, a $25 Change of Program Fee will be charged.*

Changes During Weeks 1-3

A student may add or drop a course through the last day of the third week of instruction of any regular semester by submitting a completed Change of Program Form to the Registration Office. Listed below are the signature requirements:

a. Week One -- Adding a class:

Class open = no instructor signature is required
Class closed = Instructor signature IS required

b. Weeks Two and Three -- Adding a class:

Instructor signature required for all open and closed courses

c. Weeks One through Three -- Dropping a class:

No instructor signature required

Changes During Weeks 4-10

A student may add or drop a course from the first day of the fourth week of instruction through the last day of the tenth week of instruction of any regular semester as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. The student has the signature of the instructor teaching the course.
  2. The student has the signature of his or her advisor.
  3. The student has filed a Change of Program Form with the Registration Office.

When a student drops a course during this period, the student's permanent record will show a grade of "W" for the course. A "W" does not affect the student's grade point average.

* Students in iLearn Math courses may add or drop the course according to how the student is advancing in the course, with permission of the professor, through the tenth week of the semester without paying the $25 fee. 

Student Responsibility 

It is the students' responsibility to ensure the accuracy of their schedule. Check for accuracy at each of these times:

  1. At the time of registration
  2. When a class is added or dropped
  3. If the first day of class is missed for any reason
  4. If a class is missed for more than two consecutive times
  5. Before the last day to add or drop classes

Students may check their class schedule at any time by going to the Advisement Office, the Registration Office, the Cashiers'Office, or the Internet ( If students will not be at the first class meeting for any reason, they must inform the instructor prior to class time, or they may be administratively withdrawn. (given a failing grade of "UW")

Unofficial Withdrawal 

If a student drops a course at any time in the semester but does not file a signed Change of Program Form with the Registration Office, the student's permanent record will show a grade of "UW" or "F" for the course. Both of these are failing grades and will drastically lower a student's grade point average.


Regular and prompt attendance is expected of every student. Instructors may vary in their individual attendance policies. An instructor may submit an administrative drop (UW) if a student:

  1. Misses the first day of class
  2. Ceases to attend class as evidenced by excessive unauthorized absences, missed exams and/or assignments.

When an administrative drop is processed, an unofficial withdrawal "UW" will be assigned to the student's record. A "UW" is calculated as a failing grade (F) in the grade point average.

Special Consideration 

A change of program should not be treated lightly. In every case, students, instructors, and advisors should do what is best for everyone involved. Students especially should be aware that in many courses it is difficult to make-up missed labs, lectures, or assignments. Instructors are under no obligation to add a student to any class at any time.

Students are expected to attend all classes for which they are registered until the class is officially dropped from their schedule.

Withdrawal From College 

Students are permitted to completely withdraw from school until the end of the tenth week of the semester. Withdrawal forms may be obtained from the Registration Office. After the tenth week of instruction, the student will be required to show that extenuating circumstances exist making it necessary to withdraw from school. A student who is ADA qualified and wishes to withdraw may contact the Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator at 435-283-7321.

Adding and Dropping Non-Traditional Session Classes 

Students may add or drop non-traditional session classes (classes which do not begin or end with regular session classes) at the Registration Office. Deadlines for adding and dropping non-traditional session classes are published in the semester class schedule. All transactions require student, instructor, and advisor signatures.

Repeating a Class 

A course may be repeated to obtain a higher grade. Both courses will show on the academic record; however, only the last grade earned is calculated in the grade point average and the credit is only counted once. Retakes are limited to two per course (a total of three attempts at any one course). Once a retake has been completed, students need to contact the Registration Office to be sure the first grade is discounted from the GPA. Students must register and pay tuition for the semester in which the class is repeated. Hours earned in repeated courses may be counted toward graduation requirements only once. An exception is any course designated as "repeatable for credit" which will be given credit each time the course is taken. A course is designated as repeatable in the class schedule and/or current course catalog. Note: A course repeated at another institution cannot be used to change the GPA on a Snow College transcript.

Legislative mandate. By legislative mandate, the State of Utah requires that students be charged the "full cost of instruction" the third time they enroll in the same course. An additional fee of $100 per credit hour may be charged for the repeated class. Subsequent registrations in the course will also be assessed the $100 per credit hour fee. This policy does not apply to classes taken prior to Fall Semester 2002. This means that beginning Fall Semester 2002 if you took the same class three times, you would be charged $100 per credit hour in addition to the regular cost of tuition. This fee does not apply to courses that are repeatable as designated in the class schedule and/or course catalog.

Graduation Information

For information concerning Graduation, click here.


Grading System 

The current grade system is listed below with the equivalent on the numerical scale. Online Calculator.

Letter > Description > Point Value

  • A > Excellent > 4.0
  • A- > Excellent > 3.7
  • B+ > Above Average > 3.3
  • B > Above Average > 3.0
  • B- > Above Average > 2.7
  • C+ > Average > 2.3
  • C > Average > 2.0
  • C- > Below Average > 1.7
  • D+ > Below Average > 1.3
  • D > Below Average > 1.0
  • D- > Below Average > 0.7
  • F > Failing > 0.0
  • CR > Credit > (does not affect GPA)
  • I > Incomplete
  • IE > Incomplete Expired > 0.0
  • NC > No Credit > (does not affect GPA)
  • P/F > Pass/Fail
  • AU > Audit > (does not affect GPA)
  • W > Withdrawal > (does not affect GPA)
  • UW > Unofficial Withdrawal > (a failing grade)

Transcript Requests 

Official transcripts are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). Only college personnel with a "need-to-know", as determined by their duties, have access to transcript documents. Parents, spouse, friends, other students, etc., may not pick up a copy of the transcript without a written release from the student. Transcripts can be requested in the following ways:

1. In Person: The registration windows are located on the second floor of the Greenwood Student Center. Pay the required $5.00 fee at the registration window and bring a photo ID to the window to obtain your transcript or have it sent to another institution.

2. By mail or Fax: Written and faxed transcript requests should contain your signature on a completed transcript request form. Include appropriate fees by check or money order if mailing your request:

Mail to :

Snow College
ATTN: Transcripts
150 E College Ave
Ephraim, UT 84627

If faxing your request, please include a credit card number (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), expiration date, and cardholder name. Fax to 435.283.7149.

There is a $5.00 transcript fee. Fees must be paid before a transcript is mailed or faxed. If there are any holds, the transcript will not be released. For further transcript information, call 435.283.7147.

Statute of Limitations 

A student wishing to challenge his or her academic record must do so within twelve (12) months from the time record was established.

Americans With Disabilities Act

Snow College complies with both the letter and intent of the Americans With Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as applied to the college setting. Some laws and provisions of laws that assist students with disabilities in high schools do not apply to the students with disabilities at Snow College. Please read the following information carefully:

Snow College will provide reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments, or auxiliary aids to qualified students with medical, psychological, learning or other disabilities who voluntarily disclose to the Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC), 435.283.7321 that they have a disability, provide documentation of the disability, request an accommodation and meet the criteria for receipt of the accommodations.

Consistent with Federal law, Snow College does not provide individualized academic content support such as tutoring or prompters. Snow College does not provide personal services such as aides or living assistants. Snow College is located in rural central Utah. Students who require specialized physical or psychiatric treatment will need to check treatment availability and consider the distance to services from Ephraim.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Snow College has a strong commitment to the well-being of its faculty, staff, and students. Snow College's policy supports a drug-free environment.

Snow College will enforce its policies relating to drugs and alcohol. If a person possesses and/or consumes alcohol or drugs on campus, the person will be arrested and administrative action will be taken. If a person consumes alcohol or drugs off-campus, then comes on campus under the influence of these substances, regardless of the level of intoxication, the person will be subject to arrest as well as College administrative action. On campus includes the campus housing units, sporting and social events locations.


If you would like information about part time work, please contact the Financial Aid Office located on the second floor of the Greenwood Student Center, window #1. More Information

Student I.D. Card

If you are a new student, you must obtain a student I.D./Activity card.

A onetime $5.00 fee is assessed. The fee must be paid before the card can be issued. This card will admit you without charge to many college events and is needed to check books out of the library. Continuing students will have their I.D. cards validated when they pay their tuition and fees. The I.D. card is valid for as long as you are a student at Snow College. If you lose your card, you may apply for a duplicate for a $10.00 fee.