Graduation Information

Graduation Coordinator: 

Margie Anderson
Greenwood Student Center, rm. 223
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General Graduation Requirements

For current graduation requirements, see Snow College's Academic Catalog at

Transfer Credits

Transfer credit earned at other accredited colleges or universities is normally accepted toward filling requirements for a degree from Snow College. For credit to be accepted, the following criteria are used.

  • Courses must be non-remedial.
  • A minimum grade of D- must be earned for the course to be transferred to Snow College. For English, Math and American Institutions requirements a grade of C- will be accepted in transfer.
  • Students must submit official transcripts from other post-secondary institutions. Transcripts issued to the student are not acceptable.
  • Credit received for military training requires submitting a DD214 (check catalog for more information)
  • Students with credit earned at a foreign post-secondary institution must submit a certified copy of the transcript from World Education Services. Call 212.966.6311 for more information. Refer to current catalog for detailed information.
  • Students finishing graduation requirements at another accredited institution, must make certain they know exactly which classes are needed to complete their degree before leaving Snow. Students should refer to their graduation audit and/or check with the graduation office.

Check the current Catalog if you have questions.

Transfer Students with Completed General Education

Any USHE (Utah System of Higher Education) institution shall consider its General Education requirements completed by transfer students who have completed the General Education requirements of any other USHE institution. Upon request by transferring students, a sending institutions shall provide certification when students have fully completed its General Education requirements. Please contact the Registrar's Office at 435.283.7230.

General Education Requirements

For current requirements, see the online Academic Catalog.


Commencement is our traditional celebration of your acheivement graduating from college. This ceremony is where the college and anyone you invite celebrate your achievement at becoming a member of a select number of people worldwide with a post-secondary degree. For more information about commencement, please visit

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It may be hard to believe that commencement is only a few months away, but it’s true! We are excited about your accomplishment and hope this letter will help as you get ready for the big day. As you’ll see, the first section of the letter applies to those participating in the Ephraim ceremony. The next section applies to graduates in Richfield, and the final section applies to all graduates. In addition to reading this letter, the best way to prepare is to attend GradFest 2017. 

After GradFest you can get pick up your cap and gown, purchase graduation announcements, talk to academic specialists about your specific graduation track, and participate in drawings and raffles to win prizes. If you can’t attend GradFest, read the rest of this letter and send us an email with any questions you may have. If you are a graduate from our Richfield Campus, you can attend GradFest or there will be a rehearsal on April 28 (see details below).