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Badger ID Cards

To better serve and protect our students, we have revised the process for obtaining and renewing student ID cards. More information regarding our new process for this procedure will be made available as the process is refined and solidified.

Please note, if the State's risk level is Orange, we will not be issuing ID cards generally. We will only be issuing cards to students in on-campus housing or with Badger Bucks or meal plans.

To obtain a new or replacement Badger ID card  

For new students on campus:

To obtain a student ID card, please send the following to after you have registered for classes:

  1. Attach (do not embed) a photo that fulfills the criteria listed below
  2. A government-issued photo ID
  3. Your Badger ID Number

Picking up your ID Card:

After you have sent in your photo, please contact the Registrar's Office at 435.283.7230 to schedule an appointment to pick up your ID. Cards will be available for pick-up by appointment only. It is the students’ responsibility to collaborate with the Registration Office and set a date and time to retrieve their ID cards. 

ID photo criteria:

  • Submit a recently taken, color photo (preferably a selfie)
  • Use a plain, light-colored background (preferably white, off-white, or tan)
  • The image must be clear and devoid of filters
  • No hats, hand signs, sunglasses, etc.
  • Face the camera directly with full face in view
For returning students or students needing a replacement card:

Please note, ID card stickers will no longer be issued at the beginning of each semester to indicate fulltime student status. A system is being developed around campus (e.g. athletic centers) where your ID card will be scanned to see if you are a fulltime student.

To obtain a replacement card:

  1. Call the Cashiers Office at 435.283.7296
  2. Pay for a replacement card
  3. Call the Registrar's Office at 435.283.7230 to schedule an appointment to pick up your new ID card

We will be printing the replacement card with the old photo. If you want a new photo, please inform the cashiers and then follow the steps outlined above for new students.