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Hundreds of Scholarships…Just Apply!

Applying for scholarships/financial aid can sometimes appear daunting but we are here to help through the process.  Why? Because You Matter! Over 70% of Snow College students receive financial assistance through scholarship, financial aid, or both.  We have taken steps to promote awareness, accountability and make applying for scholarships streamlined just for you.

At Snow College, we award scholarships for a variety of reasons, including academic merit, field of study, performing arts, athletics, ethnic background, leadership and special interests. Scholarships are open for application November 1 – March 1 yearly. Take time to apply.

Presidential Scholarship

Personalized opportunities through our “Presidential Connect”. Students who have qualified to earn the Presidential Scholarship will have the opportunity to get connected with professionals/leaders who serve in their field of interest to have as a contact/mentor/internship.  Students are able to access services through a variety of ways like our Career Badger one-stop job-shop/job-hub.

Scholarship Tutors Are Here to Serve

Get help finding the scholarships that’s right for you! We are helping to make applying for scholarships easier for you. Receive essay tutorial support, from our English Department, during our bi-annual Scholarship Application Party. All are invited.

Advance to Baccalaureate Success

We value our students and are committed to help them succeed with their academic endeavors. We have researched additional scholarships link funding resources to help reduce your cost of college expenses while at Snow College and with advancing on to obtain your bachelor’s degree.  The selection process is based upon outside corporations/organizations/non-profits/trusts who are unaffiliated with Snow College.


Scholarships Available:

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While a student may qualify for a scholarship, these awards are made based on available funds. We encourage students to apply as early as possible. 


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