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Design a Face-to-face Class: 

Classic classroom setting where instructions and learning occur in a presenter, lecture format.


Design a Hybrid Class 

"Hybrid" is the common term for courses that combine face-to face classroom instruction with computer-based learning. A significant portion of course work and learning takes place online, thus reducing classroom time and emphasizing student demonstration of course objectives.


Design a Full-Online Class 

Full "Online" Courses in which instruction is conducted solely through the use of computer software in a virtual learning environment. For a course to be considered an online class, 100% of the content must be delivered online, although faculty may require on-site exams.


Design a Online - Resource Class (Blended)This is primarily a face-to-face class but the instructor may option to have resources to download online. The submission of assignments and viewing of grades may also be made available.


Canvas Resources: 

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