H1N1 Flu Prevention

Snow College is aware of public concern about H1N1 flu and has been working with staff, faculty, and local health agencies to help our students and staff be prepared for flu season and hopefully prevent the spread of H1N1 flu or other contagious diseases at Snow.  We encourage you to review the following information and be actively involved in keeping healthy and well.  College officials will continue to monitor the latest information from national, state, and local health agencies and update this page as needed.

At this time:

  • If you become ill with the symptoms of the flu stay home. Follow college policy and procedures for illness. Encourage others (students and co-workers) to stay home if they are ill with flu symptoms.
  • If you have not yet done so consider getting a seasonal flu shot (available now).
  • Call your health care provider prior to visiting them, and let them know you have flu symptoms.
  • Be familiar with the Center for Disease Control’s H1N1 web site www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/qa.htm or the Utah Department of Health web site www.health.utah.gov/epi/h1n1flu/ for more information about the H1N1 flu outbreak, how to care for a sick person, and when to seek medical help.
  • If you have other questions about Snow College’s preparation for the coming flu season, send an email to the college’s Emergency Preparedness Officer, email address for this person .