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Snow College Licensing

Snow College Licensing

Following is the Licensing Statement of Snow College regarding managing Logos, Marks, Symbols, Name, Seal, Images and Mascot(s). Dated June 1, 2013. Snow College owns the copyright to the Snow College name, its Logos, Marks, Symbols, Seal, Images and Mascot(s) and has file for United States Federal Trademarks on it's name and logos.

General Policy
Snow College regulates and controls the use of the college’s identifying marks, including the college’s name and seal and its various logos, trademarks, word marks, images and service marks. The college permits the use of its logos or marks on products or services only after the college and producer or manufacturer have entered into a trademark licensing agreement. The intent of this policy is to ensure that the college retains the benefit and control of its trademarks. Any use of the college’s trademarks is made with the express approval and consent of the college through a trademark licensing agreement, and only under circumstances benefiting the college, its students and personnel, or its educational mission. The college registered its trademarks to ensure continuing control over their use. All products or services that feature college trademarks must be produced by licensed vendors.

Requirement of Licensing Agreement
Any person or organization manufacturing a product or providing a service bearing or containing trademarks belonging to the college must, prior to use of the mark, enter into a trademark licensing agreement with Snow College. No use of any mark or image belonging to the college shall be authorized for use in products or services, either offered for sale or in promotional activities, without such an agreement. Each licensing agreement shall provide for either a reasonable royalty paid to the college or other consideration it deems appropriate in exchange for the college’s permission to use the mark.

Licensed Sales
No college department shall offer for sale, any product or service bearing or containing trademarks belonging to the college unless a trademark licensing agreement with the manufacturer for that product or service is in effect.
Any college department currently offering for sale or use in promotional activities any products bearing or containing a mark belonging to the college shall not reorder such products, nor offer for sale any new products bearing or containing a college mark, until such a licensing agreement has been entered into with the manufacturer, unless the department involved and the Office of Communications/Brand Management jointly determine that it is in the best interest of the college to temporarily waive the requirement of a licensing agreement.
An item produced bearing a college trademark provided as a gift, or used as a promotional tool, beyond the scope of an official college group (an academic or auxiliary office or department) or use by a college team (uniforms for the athletic department, club sports, or intramurals) or for use in the normal functions of the college’s business is not a commercial use. Products bearing college trademarks produced for use in retail sales, for fund-raising, special events, booster activities, are considered by the college as commercial products. Unless an item bearing college trademarks is purchased by the college for internal use by the college, the manufacturer is obligated to enter into a commercial royalty bearing license agreement.
Sales of any product or service bearing or containing trademarks belonging to the college through an on-campus 3rd party retail location (ie: campus bookstore) shall be administered through a separate operational agreement between the college and the 3rd party organization. Special operational agreements with vendors or 3rd party organizations can be made as required or determined by policy’s administration organization.
Sales of any product or service bearing or containing trademarks or images belonging to the college through an on or off-campus, campus owned and operated location (ie: campus bookstore) shall be licensed by the Office of Communications/Brand Management. All items for retail sale through these locations will need to bear an Official License Tag (where applicable).

Administration of License
The Vice President for Administrative Services and Office of Communications/Brand Management shall be responsible for the implementation and interpretation of this section and for negotiating the required trademark licensing agreements.


Imagery of Snow College
(Photography or Videography)
Snow College reserves the right to restrict or license imagery of the campus, buildings and college events. Copyrights and licensing of images are governed through state and federal law. The college may at anytime restrict access for any commercial use not previously authorized. Though imagery of the College and it’s buildings is not trademarkable, buildings or other structures or their imagery shall not become associated, by the public, with a particular company, business or other entity. Snow College does not allow an image of the campus or it’s building(s) to be used by any commercial business, as this might imply a connection between the business and the college. Personal or private use of images shall not be governed at this time. Any exception to this policy must be approved by the Office of Communications and the Vice President.

Uses of Snow College Images
Uses by Snow College (marketing, departments, offices, clubs, any official entity within Snow College):
Use of imagery shall be available to use by the college and its entities.

Uses for Public (Public Relations, News media, other state, county, or city entities):           
Use for these purposes shall be generally free, unless there is any considerable cost or time involved in researching, editing or duplicating the media. Then a cost of the actual time or materials would be charged.

Uses for Commercial Purposes (Any use of Snow College imagery used primarily or secondarily to sell, promote, market or make association to a commercial product of service):
These uses will require an application of the Snow College Licensing Application and must be approved before any photography or videography can begin.

Commercial Use Fees
Usage fees will be charged according to current industry standards. This would include standard costs of type of use, where it is being used, research, editing or other direct costs related to providing the imagery/media to the private or commercial entity and any applicable licensing fees.

Imagery of People, Students, Faculty and Staff
Any person(s) on college property shall understand that the College shall have full use of their personal image, whether intentionally or unintentionally recorded for the College’s own uses, including: advertising, marketing, public relations, publications or any other use as the College see fit.
Any other person(s) recording images of people on college property, especially, but not limited to commercial uses, shall be responsible for obtaining model releases, providing compensation and all other terms of agreement with those individuals, The College does not manage nor takes any responsibility for privacy and individual image rights, personal image copyrights, etc.

Hold Harmless Clause
Licensees agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the college from any claims, suits, causes of action, costs, damage, or expense arising out of production, manufacture, or sale of logo’d products.

Contact: Brand and Licensing Manager
John Stevens: email address for this person or 435.283.7017