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Located in Ephraim in the beautiful mountain-rimmed Sanpete valleys of central Utah just south of Provo, Snow College has been the right place for many students since its founding by Mormon pioneers in 1888. Every year, approximately 3,000 students attend Snow College with aims to transfer to four-year institutions or enter the workforce after earning an associate

Because of the size of Snow’s student body, students receive more personal attention and specialized help from professors and advisors. The result is Snow students are recruited and succeed better at Utah’s 4-year institutions more than any other junior college in the state.

The mission of Snow College – to educate students, to inspire them to love learning and to lead them to serve, cannot be accomplished without an outstanding faculty. Snow professors are unencumbered by research unlike their counterparts at 4-year institutions. This allows Snow faculty to focus on teaching and ensuring that students acquire the knowledge and skills they’ll need academically and professionally.

Snow has ample areas of study for students – from Accounting to Zoology, and has developed a reputation as “state of the art” from university colleagues in such areas as science, premed and music.

Snow’s science department has earned a reputation for excellence nationwide. For example, over the past seven years 38 Snow students have taken the Pharmacy College Admissions Test. Twenty-five of them scored in the 95th percentile or higher (seven scored 99%). Thirty-one have been accepted into pharmacy schools.

Snow is one of only 23 2-year colleges accredited as members of the National Association of Schools of Music in the United States and the only 2-year school accredited in Utah. This means that Snow’s Horne School of Music meets the same national standards as the first two years of an accredited 4-year college and university.
Snow’s Horne School of Music features 12 student-performing groups – five choirs, three bands and two jazz ensembles.

In 2005, the National Association of Schools of Theatre awarded Snow’s theatre arts department full accreditation and membership. NAST has approximately 143 accredited institutional members and establishes national standards for undergraduate, graduate degrees and other credentials. Snow College joins Brigham Young University as the only other NAST-accredited institution in Utah and is one of only four junior colleges to achieve NAST accreditation. Snow’s theatre arts program produces four plays a year.

Student Life
Ninety percent of Snow students live in residence halls or off-campus apartments. Fortunately, Snow offers many opportunities for students seeking leadership, academic, athletic, musical or simply social experiences. There are over 43 student organizations, 18 academic clubs and 12 performance groups. Snow also offers 15 intramural sports to choose from and recreational facilities for activities such as swimming, tennis, racquetball, dance, bowling and weightlifting. Nearly all Snow students participate in at least one activity ranging from student government to intramural sports to the KAGE radio club.

Snow provides varsity athletics in football, men’s and women’s basketball, women’s volleyball and women’s softball. In 1985, Snow’s football team won the national championship and has since won several bowl games. This year, the football team enters the season ranked eighth in the prominent junior college football poll. The men’s and women’s basketball teams have combined for several league championships. In 2003-04, the men’s basketball team tied for the Scenic West Athletic Conference regular season title.

An intimate learning environment with excellent instruction, programs, student life, and facilities is offered at the most affordable price in the state of Utah. Compare tuition, fees and living expenses with other schools and you’ll find Snow to be the best educational value anywhere. To further reduce the cost of education, Snow offers scholarships, financial aid and campus employment. For more information about costs and scholarships please call 1-800-848-3399 or visit


Snow College invites students to come and be a part of the “finest two-year transfer institution in the nation.”