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Snow College Time Line

1888 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints creates Sanpete Stake Academy.

1889 Academy newspaper, The Excelsior Star first printed.

1892 Newton E. Noyes became 3rd principal of Sanpete Stake Academy.

1896 LDS Church authorities recommend Sanpete prepare to build new Academy.

1898 Ephraim families pledge support for new Academy (Noyes Building).

Preliminary work began.

LDS Church directs Sanpete Stake to postpone construction on Academy.

Sanpete Stake Academy opened without funding from the LDS Church.

1899 Canute Peterson authorized to resume construction of Academy.

Southeast corner stone laid and dedicated by LDS Apostle, Anthon H. Lund (Principal Noyes stood on corner stone to offer benediction).

1900 Academy named Snow Academy in honor of LDS Church President, Lorenzo Snow and distant cousin, Erastus Snow.

Academy becomes part of the LDS Church education system.

1902 Canute Peterson dies.

Local control of Academy changes from Board of Education to Board of Trustees.

Anthon H. Lund becomes president of Snow Academy Board of Trustees.

1909 Joseph F. Smith, president of the LDS Church, dedicates Snow Academy (Noyes Building). Alma Greenwood delivers dedication oration.

1911-12 “Old Gym” constructed. Later houses science classes, then business classes and is now Social Science Building.

1917 Name changes to Snow Normal College.

1921 Noyes retires from Snow Normal College.

1921-24 Wayne B. Hales serves as President of Snow College.

1922 Name changes to Snow Jr. College.

1923 Name changes to Snow College.

1924-33 Milton H. Knudsen serves as President of Snow College.

1931 LDS Church divests itself of Snow College. College becomes state supported institution.

1933-36 L. Owen Horsfall serves as President of Snow College.

1935-39 Vocational Education and Industrial Arts Building constructed (later becomes Social Sciences Building – now torn down).

1936-53 James A. Nuttall serves as President of Snow College.

1937-39 Greenwood Hall (girl’s dorm) constructed.

1940-47 “New Gym” (prior to activity center) constructed. Is later referred to as the Old Gym when the Activity Center is constructed.

1943-45 World War II years. Enrollment as low as 51 students (eight male, 43 female).

1945 Snow College faculty and alumni pass resolution to officially name main building the Noyes Building.

1948-49 Old gymnasium is remodeled as Science Building. 1951 Snow becomes branch of Utah State Agricultural College.

1953-56 Lester B. Whetten serves as Director of Snow College.

1956 High school removed to Manti.

Snow accredited as two-year junior college.

1956-58 J. Elliot Cameron serves as Director of Snow College.

1958-73 Floyd S. Holm serves as Director/President of Snow College.

1961 Applied Arts and Science Center completed (now the Humanities Bldg.).

1964 Vocational arts building remodeled into Snow Campus Center (became Social Sciences Building and was finally razed in 2002)/

1966-68 Library is constructed.

1966 Stadium is completed.

1969 Snow disassociates from Utah State to become part of State System of Higher Education.

1972-74 Science Building completed.

1972-78 Activity Center constructed.

1974-82 J. Marvin Higbee serves as President of Snow College.

1975-76 Science Building (Old Gymnasium) remodeled as Business Building.

1981 Remodeling and construction of “lower campus” as “Career Center” begins. Lower campus is known as west campus today and is four blocks west of the main Ephraim campus.

1982-89 Steven D. Bennion serves as President of Snow College.

1989-2001 Gerald J. Day serves as President of Snow College.

1993 Programming funded for the Student/Administrative Services Building and Noyes Building (planning and request for funding presented for two buildings together).

1994-95 Humanities Building constructed (addition to existing building).

1995-97 Student/Administrative Services Building constructed (opened January 2, 1997).

1999 Remodeled Noyes Building is rededicated by LDS apostle, Russell M. Nelson November 5, 1999.

2002-07 Michael T. Benson serves as President of Snow College.

Five buildings razed – music building (Old North Ward), Crane Theatre, Social Science Building, Old Gym and old president’s home.

2003 Business Building remodeled as Social Science Building 2003. George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Center for the Performing Arts is completed. Rasmussen Bell Tower is rebuilt (old tower torn down)

2004 Largest gift in Snow’s history is announced - $2 million from Jon and Karen Huntsman for future library

Activity Center is remodeled

2005 Classroom wing added onto the Activity Center

2006 Utah Legislature awards Snow $1.3 million for library design

2007-14 Scott L. Wyatt serves as President of Snow College.

2010 New Karen H. Huntsman Library dedicated

2012 Snow College adds orange to their school colors

2012 First four-year Bachelor of Music with an Emphasis in Commercial Music degree approved

2014 President Gary Carlston begins presidency

2016 Second four-year Bachelor of Software Engineering degree approved