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Best Practices

Social Media Best Practices

Account managers managing official Snow College social media accounts are encouraged to review the best practices below. If you don't have an official account, please contact the Office of Marketing & Communications (OMC) to discuss your needs and options. All new Snow College social media accounts will need to be approved by the OMC and must have the OMC as an administrator for the account.

Social Media accounts include the following platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+, Google Hangouts, YouTube, Vine, Reddit, Whatsapp, Tumbler, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Myspace, Xanga, and others.

Social Media is a means to inform and communicate with your audience about items they are interested in, the ‘social' in this context is the activity of communicating between you department/office and the public (students, parents, community, etc). Please understand managing and keeping your social media account current and up-to-date is both a lot of work and a requirement in operating an official Snow College social media account. If you are not willing or able to maintain a resemblance of the best practices and the quantity of postings listed here, please do not start a new account.

Every account representing Snow College in an official capacity must include ‘Snow College,' or ‘Snow College Badgers' in its name. Any account using Snow College's name in an unofficial capacity may be pulled down for not complying with College trademark branding standards.

Best practices for Facebook

Once the page has been created:

Best practices for Twitter

Get started with these tips:

Tweeting tips:

The OMC can help you with your cover images, and must approve the image branding of your Twitter account.


Best practices for Instagram

Get started with these tips:

Once you've created the account:

The OMC can help you with your profile images, and must approve the image branding of your Instagram account.

If you are managing multiple social media accounts or have a need to schedule posts in advance, consider using a Hootsuite account to manage your posts and if you manage multiple social media accounts in your department.