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Snow College Charlie Life & Leadership Academy

On behalf of the Staff of Snow College Student Life and Leadership we are pleased to announce our partnership with Charlie Life and Leadership Academy. The courses we offer through this partnership are designed to not only help you in your educational pursuits, but to also help you develop yourself personally and professionally. We look forward to helping you develop the 'soft skills' which will benefit you long after you leave Snow. If you have any questions about the Snow College Charlie Life and Leadership offerings please do not hesitate to contact Zeb White email address for this person or Michelle Brown email address for this person via the emails listed.

What is Charlie Academy?

Charlie Life & Leadership Academy strives to provide the essential leadership knowledge and skills needed to help you be successful both in your personal life as well as in your professional/educational pursuits. This collection of online leadership courses offers students the competitive edge they need to stand out as leaders through course work which develops, measures, and evaluates a knowledge of several crucial skills.

Charlie Academy is organized into 3 different categories:

  • Personal: how an individual manages their mind, body, and spirit
  • Interpersonal: how individuals engage with one another
  • Team: how groups work together to accomplish a goal

Who is Charlie Academy for?

Any Snow College student, and especially for people who:

  • Plan to apply for an internship or job, or a four year institution/graduate school.
  • Want to build a compelling portfolio of leadership credentials, showcasing skills that correlate to outstanding performance in your chosen field.
  • Have little free time and want to work at a convenient, self-determined pace on content easily accessible online.
  • Desire direction, focus, and confidence in the pursuit of personal vision and goals.
  • Seek to improve their capacity to build relationships, add value in teams, and grow in influence within organizations.
  • Aim to thrive in a challenging, changing world and to influence and improve society, both locally and globally.
  • Want to learn how to lead one principle, skill and practice at a time.

How does Charlie Academy work?

Individual courses can be selected by topic or students can take an initial assessment to guide their learning, which cultivates a suggested list of courses to help improve various skills.

How was Charlie Academy created?

Charlie Academy was created by Dr. Bruce H. Jackson, Executive Director of the Attentional Leadership Institute. He has dedicated his career to the development of individuals, teams, organizations, and communities that seek to maximize influence, leadership, and change. Bruce first developed the Attentional Leadership Theory™ (ALT)—a holistic and multi-dimensional approach to categorize and implement leadership theories, tools, and practices. Charlie Academy is designed to bring these ideas to college students, in order to create new leaders around the globe.