Student Body Presidency Elections

Building upon the legacy of engagement and opportunity, Student Body Advocates provide fun and diverse activities in a safe environment. We represent the voice of the students by programming campus events, encouraging involvement in clubs, and bringing about positive change in our campus community.
It is now YOUR turn to choose whom you want to represent you as the new President and Vice President of the Snow College Student Body. Please take this opportunity to get to know a little more about the candidates by reading their bios and watching their campaign videos. Also, remember that voting opens on Canvas (Student Body Presidency Elections) this Wednesday, March 1st at Noon and continues until Friday, March 3rd at 5 p.m.


Seth Robertson and Madi Allinson:

Seth and Madi

We will work to promote a sense of belonging for the students of Snow College so that they can fully appreciate the Spirit of Snow. Whether that belonging comes from being involved in a club, a friend group, the college as a whole, we feel that it is important. We will work to promote this by looking out for each other through a continuation of the mental health awareness activities started this year, promoting SBA outreach activities, and working closer with the club presidents.

Looking Out For You.


Karen Valdez and Eduardo Hernandez:

Karen and Eduardo

Our goal is to help students at Snow College make the most out of their college experience. We want to start by increasing school spirit by adding flags and more color over our campus and create a “home away from home’ environment. We want students to be able to network with one another and feel proud to be a part of Snow’s success.  We do this by:

Making Friends, Making Memories, and Making a Difference.


arrow Submit your vote through Canvas.

*The Voting Results for the Legislative Changes Are:

We are pleased to announce that the proposed changes to the Study Body Legislative branch have been voted upon and we will be adopting the new positions for the 2017-18 school year. Thank you to all those who voted and provided feedback, we look forward to advocating for you!

Legislative Positions for 2017-18

*If you have any questions about elections please contact Michelle Brown or Zeb White with the Student Life Offices.