Student Body Presidency Elections

Building upon the legacy of engagement and opportunity, Student Body Advocates provide fun and diverse activities in a safe environment. We represent the voice of the students by programming campus events, encouraging involvement in clubs, and bringing about positive change in our campus community.

Interested in being a Student Body Advocate (SBA) for the 2018-2019 school year?

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Snow College Student Life would like announce Jared Devey and Carolee Woolley as the Student Body Presidency for the 2018-2019 school year! We would like to congratulate both sets of candidates for running an excellent campaign and wish everyone continued success. Also, a huge thank you to the students who voted as we had a record number of votes cast for this election!


Jared Devey and Carolee Woolley

Jared and Carolee

Slogan: Building Up Snow, Together

Why we are running for Student Body Presidency:

We are running on the platform of Building Up Snow, Together. We want to help increase student involvement around campus, make sure students know how important their mental wellness is, and we want to help students remember retention is just as important as the grade you receive in a class.


Increase Student Involvement Campus Wide:
We want to emphasize the importance of the texting system. We will hit social media stronger by posting about an event the Monday it happens and post a story to go along with it the day off the event. Publicity for clubs, outside of club rush, stagger times on club rush to get more students to attend the event and become more involved in clubs. Collaborate with the Clubs Rep. more so they can communicate what we want from clubs and what they want from us.

Mental Wellness:
Make wellness center known because mental health is just as important as any other type of health. Instead of conducting surveys each spring to rate student satisfaction we want to conduct a survey each semester to represent more closely what our students want each semester. 1 in 4 college-aged people struggle with mental health. Making the wellness center more available and known is a top priority for us. If elected president and vice president, we will sit on the student fee board and fight for a resource center. At Snow we want a place for everyone; adding this resource center will help students feel safe and supported. Studies show that including resource centers on any college campus increase student well-being from all backgrounds.

Focusing On Retention As Well As the Grade:
We all come to Snow College for many reasons; for some it’s because it’s affordable, others because they need a transition school. Whatever the reason is we want to let our students know that it is important to focus on learning and retaining knowledge, to become better versions of ourselves for when we transfer to a bigger institution or enter our career field.

*If you have any questions about elections please contact Michelle Brown or Zeb White with the Student Life Offices.