Student Body Presidency Elections

Building upon the legacy of engagement and opportunity, Student Body Advocates provide fun and diverse activities in a safe environment. We represent the voice of the students by programming campus events, encouraging involvement in clubs, and bringing about positive change in our campus community.


Ben Scheffner and Chelsea Scadlock

Slogan: Infinite Possibilities as One



Something that we have discussed is how we feel Snow College needs to be more unified. We spent a lot of time talking about what needs to change to make that possible. We have also spoken with other students about their ideas. Many of the students feel the same way we do. We have decided to focus on making Snow College more unified. Our slogan for 2019-2020 will be, "Infinite Possibilities, As One." In order for us to accomplish this, we need to take specific steps toward that goal of becoming more unified and one.

Our first plan to accomplish this goal is to spend more time advertising. We regularly hear about how students didn't even know of some of the events happening. By having a focus of using the A-frames and canvas, students will be better informed about sporting events and activities.

Another goal we want to focus on is invitation by mouth. As SBAs, we should be determined to get as many students involved with the school as possible. We have seen repeatedly that when we invite others personally, they will feel more included because of the genuine approach. We need to be an example of what Snow College is really about.

Other plans that we have to help Snow College be more unified is to use social media. We could use social media for many different purposes. Not only for advertising, but challenges for school activities such as sporting events that would increase attendance and unity throughout the school.

Our final goal is to raise more club awareness and involvement. We see that many students are still unaware of the opportunities they have to join clubs. Along with this, there is still confusion within the clubs of how to run and promote their meetings. We would love as SBAs to further help them with advertising and increasing awareness and attendance rates for their clubs.

With our goal being to become "As One," we believe using these steps outlined above that this goal can be accomplished. If we were to unite as a school, we could do so much more as students, as a community, and as a whole.


Sam Bakker and Cade Gill

Slogan: They protect, they connect, but most importantly, you elect!



Our Goal

  • As a presidency, we would like to make everyone feel safe and welcome at Snow College. We want everyone to have a place that they can call home here. Whether that be in a club, a class, or an event. We want everyone at Snow College to feel safe, loved, and welcome.

Steps to Accomplish Our Goal

1. We want to make the Snow College App more relevant, accessible, and overall more well-known.

  1. Present the app at orientation
  2. Make sure there is a reminder at every event
  3. Be able to set specific notifications for any clubs, events, sports, and classes

2. We want to increase club outreach

  1. More collaborative events with clubs and Student Life
  2. Give Club Presidents a specific board on the app to post about their upcoming events
  3. Better notify clubs of the resources they have to advertise

3. We want people to have more knowledge of the Counseling & Wellness Center, as well as have them sponsor more on-campus events.

  1. One event a month geared towards students’ well-being.
  2. “Ted Talk”-like events too help with stress, motivation, and self-management
  3. Have SBA events sponsored by the Counseling & Wellness Center so that the word can be better brought out to students on campus.


*If you have any questions about elections please contact Michelle Brown or Zeb White with the Student Life Offices.