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Student Body Officers

Student Body Officers

Snow College is the ideal place to become acclimated and active on a campus. As a student at Snow,  you won't have to wait for a lot of juniors or seniors to graduate before you get to run for office, start a club or perhaps become president of a student leadership team! Whether you're already a Snow student or you're simply considering Snow as a prospective student, contact the Student Life office today and ask how you can join the FUN and help make a difference!

SBO President and VP

Ben Scheffner
Student Body President

Chelsea Scadlock
Student Body Vice President


Something that we have discussed is how we feel Snow College needs to be more unified. We spent a lot of time talking about what needs to change to make that possible. We have also spoken with other students about their ideas. Many of the students feel the same way we do. We have decided to focus on making Snow College more unified. Our slogan for 2019-2020 will be, "Infinite Possibilities, As One." In order for us to accomplish this, we need to take specific steps toward that goal of becoming more unified and one.

Our first plan to accomplish this goal is to spend more time advertising. We regularly hear about how students didn't even know of some of the events happening. By having a focus of using the A-frames and canvas, students will be better informed about sporting events and activities.

Another goal we want to focus on is invitation by mouth. As SBOs, we should be determined to get as many students involved with the school as possible. We have seen repeatedly that when we invite others personally, they will feel more included because of the genuine approach. We need to be an example of what Snow College is really about.

Other plans that we have to help Snow College be more unified is to use social media. We could use social media for many different purposes. Not only for advertising, but challenges for school activities such as sporting events that would increase attendance and unity throughout the school.

Our final goal is to raise more club awareness and involvement. We see that many students are still unaware of the opportunities they have to join clubs. Along with this, there is still confusion within the clubs of how to run and promote their meetings. We would love as SBOs to further help them with advertising and increasing awareness and attendance rates for their clubs.

With our goal being to become "As One," we believe using these steps outlined above that this goal can be accomplished. If we were to unite as a school, we could do so much more as students, as a community, and as a whole

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