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Student Body Officers

Student Body Officers

Snow College is the ideal place to become acclimated and active on a campus. As a student at Snow,  you won't have to wait for a lot of juniors or seniors to graduate before you get to run for office, start a club or perhaps become president of a student leadership team! Whether you're already a Snow student or you're simply considering Snow as a prospective student, contact the Student Life office today and ask how you can join the FUN and help make a difference!

Meet the new student body presidency: 

Snow College Student Life would like to formally announce the 2020-2021 student body president and vice president; Matthew Griffin and Rhiannon West who ran unopposed in the recent student body election. We congratulate them and look forward to the upcoming school year!

Student Body President and VP

Our slogan for 2020-2021 will be “It’s About You.” To make this year all about you our plan is to make your experience at Snow College the best it can be! The action we will take to make this possible is by getting your voice heard and increasing the mental health of all students.
All students at Snow College deserve to be heard, and their ideas valued. We are going to accomplish this by building relationships with clubs and allowing students to express their ideas easily through the Snow College app. It’s normal for college students at one point to feel anxious, depressed, and sad. However, not all students know about the opportunities to get professional help in dealing with these challenges.       

Constitution of the Snow College Student Association