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Information Security Fundamentals

Division: Business and Applied Tech

Department: Information Technology

Course: CIS 1500

Title: Information Security Fundamentals

Description: This course will teach the knowledge and skills required to make clear and conscious decisions about using real world penetration and vulnerability testing tools. Students will learn what mitigation techniques are available and be able to recommend the right one given the scenario. Students will be able to conduct end to end assessments of IoT systems and Networks and identify any vulnerabilities that exist.

Courses Taught Spring 2023

1500-N50Taught OnlineColtharp, Terrence D.
1500-300MWF1:30 pm-3:30 pmColtharp, Terrence D.
1500-310MWF1:30 pm-3:30 pmColtharp, Terrence D.

Courses Taught Fall 2023

1500-NE1Taught OnlineColtharp, Terrence D.
1500-N50Taught OnlineColtharp, Terrence D.
1500-V01Taught OnlineColtharp, Terrence D.
1500-300MWF3:40 pm-5:30 pmColtharp, Terrence D.
1500-310MWF3:40 pm-5:30 pmColtharp, Terrence D.