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For information or assistance not found here on the website, please call the Registration Office at 435.283.7230 or visit the Greenwood Student Center (GSC) Room #222. 

COVID-19 Pass/Fail Grade Change

With the stress of the Covid-19 outbreak and the related transition to remote learning and online courses, we are offering a pass/fail (P/F) option for students who are currently enrolled in courses, i.e. Spring Semester, full-semester and 2nd-half semester coures. Each of your faculty members will be submitting traditional letter grades at the end of this semester. When you receive the grades for your courses, you may choose to convert a letter grade to a P/F option.

A Pass grade will not affect your GPA, but a Fail grade will be computed as an F. This link will take you to a form if you are interested in changing a letter grade to a P/F grade. You may change as many grades to P/F for this semester as you wish. Please read the form as it has important information that you should know about converting grades to P/F. Converting your passing letter grade to a "P" will have lasting impacts on your higher ed experience. Please note, you cannot submit this form until after your professor submits your grades. This form must be submitted before June 7.

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