Computer Information Systems Courses

CIS  1060  IT Project Management
CIS  1125  IT Essentials
CIS  1140  Network Essentials
CIS  1150  BICSI Copper Stru Cabling Sys
CIS  1155  BICSI Optical Fiber Structured
CIS  1200  Introduction to Networks
CIS  1205  Routing & Switching Essentials
CIS  1310  Network Security Fundamentals
CIS  1405  installing/Config Windows Serv
CIS  1410  Administering Windows Servers
CIS  1620  Linux Fundamentals
CIS  1715  Applied Technical Math
CIS  1930  Leadership/Professional Dev 1
CIS  2200  Scaling Networks in the Enterp
CIS  2205  Wide Area Networking Fundament
CIS  2210  Cisco ROUTE: Implement IP Rout
CIS  2215  Cisco SWITCH:Implement IP Swit
CIS  2220  Cisco TSHOOT: Maintain/Trouble
CIS  2250  Cisco VOIP Networking Fundamen
CIS  2300  Cisco Wireless Networking Fund
CIS  2310  Cisco Networking Security Fund
CIS  2400  Advanced Windows Server Config
CIS  2500  Enterprise Storage Fundamental
CIS  2520  Configuring/Deploying Cloud
CIS  2930  Leadership/Professional Dev 2