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Cosmetology / Barbering / Nail Technology


Cosmetology / Barbering

The Cosmetology/Barbering Technology program is designed to prepare students for direct employment in cosmetology, barbering salons and/or prepare them to open new salon businesses. This program includes 1600 clock time hours of instruction required by the State of Utah for licensure. Students are prepared to take the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology Licensure Examination required for licensure.

Students learn to communicate with customers, analyze skin, hair and nails, perform the duties of hair cutting, coloring, styling, chemical texture services, basic skin and nail services and all other services offered in a licensed salon.

This program is intended for students interested in working in cosmetology/barbering salons as a cosmetologist, barber, nail technician, salon manager or business owner. Students earning the A.A.S. Salon Business degree will be prepared to run their own business, execute sales promotions, maintain necessary financial reports and other skills associated with maintaining a successful salon business.

The Snow College Cosmetology/Barbering Technology program is unique in Utah. At Snow College a student has the following options:

  1. Earn hours for licensure purposes only
  2. Earn a Certificate of Completion in Cosmetology/Barbering Technology
  3. Earn an A.A.S. degree in Salon Business
  4. Specialize in Nail Technology.

If you already have a Cosmetology/Barbering license through the State of Utah, contact the Student Success office to find out how you can pursue an A.A.S. in Salon Business.

The Cosmetology/Barbering Technology Certificate of Completion requires 1600 hours of instruction and the addition of two general education courses.

The Associate of Applied Science Salon Business degree requires 1600 hours of instruction, the addition of general education and business courses.

Students pay college tuition and fees, plus the cost of books, equipment and lab fees used during their training. Costs above tuition total will run approximately $800.

Cosmetology/Barbering Technology program accepts new students three times a year: August, January and June. Due to limited space and high demand, interested individuals should print the cosmetology application and submit the completed application to the Richfield Campus Student Success office by the appropriate date. The selection process consists of a completed application and an interview. Selected individuals will be notified thirty days prior to semester start date.

Application deadlines are as follows: 

Fall Semester……………….May 1

Spring Semester…………..October 1

Summer Semester………..April 1

For more details about the selection process, contact the department chair.

Suggested course outlines are for students who start their cosmetology experience at Snow College. Those who transfer from other schools or who took courses several years previous will need to work out an individualized program. You may schedule an appointment in the Richfield Student Success office.

If you have any questions concerning cosmetology call (435) 893-2261.

Nail Technology

Nail technology is the foremost and fastest growing profession within the beauty industry and the future outlook for the professional in this field is bright. There are many exciting job options available.

Students will receive 300 hours of education in both theory and practical experience in many phases of manicuring and in the application of artificial nails.  Their education will prepare them for the professional marketplace, as well as give them the necessary knowledge to successfully pass the Utah State Board exams.

A Nail Technician can earn an average entry level wage of $27,850 according to the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Statistics from the US Department of Labor also state that Nail Technology is an exploding field with anticipated growth of 28% during the next decade which will offer unlimited opportunities for technicians.

Enrollment will be determined on a first come first registered basis. Applications may be received in the Student Success office up to four weeks prior to start date. Print an application and submit it to the Student Success office on the Richfield campus. A submitted application is NOT a guaranteed place in the class. You must follow through and register for the class.

Fall Session: August
Spring Session: January


Students pay either credit or non-credit college tuition and fees plus the cost of books, equipment and lab fees used during their training. Costs above tuition total approximately $800.

Nail Technology Curriculum
Course Name Credits
COSB 1810 Theory of Nail Technology 4
COSB 1811 Nail Technology Practicum 6


If you have any questions concerning nail technology call (435) 893-2224. 


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