SnowFun Leader Information

Dear Youth Conference Contact/Leader,

Thank you for choosing Snow College for your youth conference. We hope you have a rewarding and FUN experience here. Your customized agenda will be emailed to you by the end of February.  If you don’t receive it, please call 435-283-7167. Following is additional information many of you may need, including youth conference guidelines, instructions and a commonly asked question & answer section.

  • The guaranteed number is the number of males and the number of females listed separately with the total number in your group. Guaranteed number (broken down by gender) will be due on April 1st.  Please do not separate youth from leaders in your count. Include leaders and youth. Leaders are charged the same cost as a youth attending the conference
  • You can find Snow Fun permission slips (waivers) on our website. Waivers need to be filled out completely with proper signatures for youth and adults on campus. Completed waivers need to be turned in for each person when you arrive at the kick-off/orientation before we begin your youth conference, no exceptions.
  • If you underestimate your April 1st guaranteed count and end up having more, we may or may not be able to accommodate them. Let us know ASAP if your count increases.
  • Your final payment is due on or before May 1st.  Check payable to Snow College.  Send to: Snow College Cashiers, Attn: Snow Fun, 150 College Ave., Ephraim, UT 84627. 
  • Your deposit of $1,000 for wards or $2,000 for stakes will be returned to your Bishop/Stake President within 60 days after attending your reserved youth conference minus any additional participants or damage fees incurred while on campus.
  • Unless otherwise notified by your host. When you arrive come to the corner of 100 East and 100 North in Ephraim (grassy area under trees).  There will be a welcome banner at the meeting place. Your host(s) will be looking for you.
  • Each group will be assigned one or more (depending on your final count) of our staff as a host throughout your stay at Snow College.  You will meet your host(s) at kick-off/orientation. If you don’t have a ward/stake cheer ready, your host will help you create one for introductions. Your host(s) will assist you in checking into your assigned housing; direct you to activities, meals and institute areas. If you have any questions or concerns after you arrive, please check with your host(s) before talking to the staff supervisor on duty or calling Donna Birk at the Snow Fun office at 283-7167.
  • Housing: Church policy requires that leaders cannot share a bedroom with a youth participant, but can be in the same apartment.  Most apartments are two per room; three/four rooms per apartment (this can vary).
  • We are happy to announce that Snow Fun will provide a Hosted Fireside again for groups staying 3 days. Most speakers come from the LDS Fireside Circuit. Dress for the dance and Hosted Fireside is Sunday Casual (girls: skirts/dresses, boys: slacks/polo shirts & scandals, etc.).
  • If you have a devotional scheduled. You will need to arrange your own program/speaker. We ask that you not contact local speakers for your devotional unless you have a close friend or family member in our area, but bring one from your own area.  Let your speaker know that the Institute/YSA Stake is just west of campus, 51 North 100 East, Ephraim, Utah. Snow Fun has been requested to introduce your priesthood leader at the office before utilizing the buildings. If a priesthood leader is not with a group, we will introduce the group contact.  Youth conferences would not be able to take place without using the Institute and YSA Stake Centers.  Please treat these areas as you would your own church building, showing respect at all times. Due to the nature of our youth conferences, dress can be casual (except hosted firesides & dances) even if you are assigned one of the chapels.
  • Our office reserves all the rooms/areas in advance to meet your group needs. Your host(s) will direct you and your group to your assigned areas and buildings.
  • Most apartments are air-conditioned. Exception; bottom floors in off-campus housing and older overflow dorms. Linen is not provided in the dorms.  You will need to bring a sleeping bag and pillow or your own linens for a twin bed for anyone staying overnight.
  • Bring your own toiletries and towels for use in the apartments and for Snow Follies water games. Also, bring sunscreen, and your own drinking water to outdoor activities. Dress for Snow Follies should be modest (t-shirts, cut-offs or shorts, modest bathing suits may be worn). It is preferred that a t-shirt be worn over bathing suits as the games can get rough.  Bring drinking water for your group to snow follies, ropes course, and Badger Blast Games.
  • If you are going to the ropes course, the rope course is 3 miles away. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the ropes course,  From campus drive south to 400 South and turn left onto canyon road (300 East) heading east up Ephraim canyon.  About a mile past where the oiled road ends you will see two lodge poles at the entrance of a small parking area for the ropes course participants. It can be hot as there is not a lot of shade, dress appropriately for weather conditions. Hats are recommended, and sandals and flip-flops are not allowed.  Please bring your own drinking water to the ropes course; if it’s hot you will drink lots of water.
  • If you are going to the Mormon Miracle Pageant, the gates open at 6 pm and the pageant begins at 9:15pm. No tickets required. You can save seats by roping off a section using rope or caution tape, etc. Manti Temple is seven miles south of Ephraim. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the pageant. The pageant ends about 11:15 pm. Bus parking is on the west side of the cemetery (across the street from the temple). We recommend cars park on Main street facing north (back towards Ephraim) for a faster get-away.
  • If your group is here when a dance is held, the dress is Sunday casual (a minimum of 200 people are needed to hold a dance).  The dances include all the groups attending youth conference on the same date to ensure that there are sufficient numbers to have a FUN dance. Your agenda will say if there is a dance scheduled for your group. We can offer a movie or another activity if you have youth younger than 14 years old attending. New this summer, refreshments will be served.
  • If scheduled for Badger Blast Games (BBG), which includes an array of field games that participants go through in group rotations.  Games include: rip tag, knocker/zorb balls, quidditch, tandem bikes, soccer, sand volleyball, frisbees, hoops game, and other field games. Rock climbing wall during pageant dates.
  • The Student Center Dining is where most of the meals will be served buffet style under the circus tent. Seating is on the patio or inside the Greenwood Student Center. A sample menu can be found on our website: SnowFun Food.   Groups need to be together to eat meals at the assigned times.   Getting 800 participants through a food line is impossible without the group’s consideration and understanding and waiting for stragglers is no fun. Your host will check your group in at all meals after the entire group is present.

If your group’s contact person changes, please forward all the information you have received to them and notify our office of the change. We need their address, phone and email. We are excited to host your event and look forward to seeing you this summer!

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How many people per room in housing? Typically, two per room- three rooms per apartment.
  2. Do you assign specific dorm rooms to specific people in our group?  No, we provide the housing with the number of male and female beds/rooms you reserved, but you determine who stays where.
  3. Will you confirm with our group when final payment is received?  No, if there is any kind of problem with your reservation, I will inform you immediately.
  4. Do we have to reserve our own rooms for speakers, etc.?  No, we will reserve all rooms for firesides/devotionals, and/or workshops.  But remember, you are responsible for providing your own speakers and programs, unless otherwise notified.
  5. What if we have one or two more participants come?  We love to have more participants. However, the extra(s) may be sleeping on couches instead of beds and at the same price as everyone else. Housing is assigned when you give us the guaranteed final count on or before April 1st.
  6. Do the hosts stay with us through the night?  No, you have to provide your own night-time chaperones.
  7. What time can we check in and check out?  Please adhere to the times on your approved schedule. We are booked solid through June, so it is imperative that each group follow their customized final agenda.
  8. Is there an evening curfew? Yes, it is 11:00 pm, with an exception for pageant nights.  Pageant night curfews would be as soon as you get back from the pageant, usually around midnight.
  9. We reserve the right to adjust scheduling in order to coordinate all the groups we have coming to Youth Conferences at Snow College.  We appreciate your understanding; we want everyone to have a wonderful experience at Snow Fun.

Financial process questions cannot be answered by your host or any student staff.  You need to contact our office. 

Donna Birk, Assistant Director
SnowFun Summer Programs
(435) 283-7167 or email Donna at   email address for this person