Allied Health Courses

AHNA  1000  Nursing Assistant
NURP  1000  Intro to Medical Terminology
NURP  1101  Drug Dosages & Calculations
NURP  1102  Fundamentals of Nursing
NURP  1103  Pharmacology
NURP  1107  Maternity Nursing
NURP  1109  Pro Trans For The Pract Nurse
NURP  1110  Intravenous Therapy Cert.
NURP  1115  Caring for the Adult II
NURP  1116  Med/Surg Nursing - Lifespan I
NURP  1117  Med/Surgical Nurs-Lifespan II
NURP  1118  Med/Surg Nur-Lifespan Clinical
NURP  2114  Adv Nursing Care Adult/Child
NURP  2130  Adv Nurs Phrm/Treat Modalities
NURP  2180  Mental Health Across Lifespan
NURP  2190  Patient Care Management
NURP  2214  Adv Nurs Care Adult/Child Clin
NURP  2280  Mental Health Nursing Clinical
NURP  2290  Patient Care Mgmt Clinical
NURP  2400  Special Topics in Nursing