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Snow College Farm and Ranch Management -Information

The program teaches farmers and ranchers to keep detailed computerized financial and production records and to use these records in making timely and intelligent business decisions. Some computer literacy is also taught. The focus is on education and not merely a "bookkeeping service".

The program is designed to be spread over two-to three-years, depending on the farm/ranch family s computer and basic business skills. Farm/ranch families may enroll at any time during the year, but it is recommended that they enroll at the beginning of their financial year. Instruction is two to three hours once a month (more if necessary) at the farm/ranch site with some group meetings held to discuss and give instruction in topics of common interest. The instructor provides the necessary computer and printer hardware and software for those students who do not have their own. All financial and production records and other information are kept strictly confidential between the instructor and the student.

Management of a farm/ranch is primarily a decision-making process. To be successful in management and decision-making processes, the course is composed of various units taught in an organized sequence. Approximately 960 contact hours are required for a Proficiency Certificate.

The course descriptions match with the Farm/Ranch Management course that Snow College has offered since 1989.


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