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Check Utah Resident Academic Scholarship page for current eligibility requirements
Note: Utah Resident Academic scholarships are for incoming freshman whose high school class is graduating in the coming Spring.
Certain programs such as AOL, Tech Ed, Learn and Work etc. may be ineligible or eligible at different rates because of tuition breaks built into the programs

Scholarship Universe includes Scholarship opportunities from outside corporations, organizations, non-profits, and trusts who are unaffiliated with Snow College.

Scholarship Tutors Are Here to Serve

Get help finding the scholarships that’s right for you! We are helping to make applying for scholarships easier for you. Receive essay tutorial support from our English Department during our bi-annual Scholarship Application Party. All are invited.

Learn more about establishing a Snow College scholarship

One of our highest priorities at Snow College is to increase the amount of scholarship assistance available to incoming and returning students. Scholarships help to make students’ dreams become a reality and give them the opportunity to reach their goals. You can help lessen the financial burden for students and their families by supporting scholarships. For more information visit our scholarship information page found here.

Advance to Baccalaureate Success

We value our students and are committed to help them succeed with their academic endeavors. We have researched additional scholarships and funding resources to help reduce your cost of college expenses while at Snow College and with advancing on to obtain your bachelor’s degree.

While a student may qualify for a scholarship, these awards are made based on available funds. We encourage students to apply as early as possible.


Please call us at 435.283.7150, or send an e-mail to


Tell us how we can improve the scholarship process.