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Associate of Science in Nursing, LPN-RN Bridge

The LPN-RN Bridge at Snow College provides LPNs the opportunity to take their nursing skills to the next level as they earn their Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) that qualifies them to take the NCLEX-RN.  The ASN program is designed to prepare students to be knowledgeable, highly-trained, competent, caring registered nurses who can critically think and are ready to enter a variety of health care settings.
We provide essential experiences and opportunities, in the classroom, lab, and the clinical setting, leading to successful careers. We are confident about the quality of education we provide to our students and are here to help you achieve your goal of becoming a registered nurse..

  ASN, LPN-RN Bridge Packet                         

Nursing student


  • Students are accepted fall and spring semesters
  • Up to six students will be accepted each semester
  • All students are filled from the same applicant pool
  • Two semesters in length
  • Students start school on the first day of the Snow College semester


  • Richfield and Ephraim
  • Instructors teach concurrently by live instruction and video conferencing, allowing students from both campuses to participate in all lectures and discussions
  • Students are required to travel occasionally to meet as a group at one campus for labs and other activities


  • Application Acceptance Dates                    Fall Semester:  January 1st - March 1st
    Spring Semester:  July 1st - September 1st
  • Those interested in the Snow College ASN, LPN-RN Bridge program must complete an electronic application
  • Applications will be reviewed and scored appropriately by the Nursing Department
  • Admission to the ASN, LPN-RN Bridge program will be decided based on the applicant’s score
  • All applicants will be notified approximately five weeks after the final application acceptance date about placement in the program

Associate of Science in Nursing Mission Statement

The mission statement for the Associate of Science in Nursing program is three-fold:

  1. To educate students in the registered nurse role to be competent, caring nurses.
  2. Inspire students to commit to innovative lifelong learning.
  3. Encourage students to serve the community and the patients they care for.