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Seniors -- Take a Look at Badger Tracks

Badger Tracks

Seniors taking concurrent enrollment through Snow College who want to become Badger freshmen following high school graduation should check out the features of Badger Tracks. Besides a much simplified process to change from being a Concurrent Enrollment student to being a Freshman, students can also easily Track their academic progress and earn a Snow College Concurrent Enrollment Scholarship. Seniors can change their status to incoming freshman in the fall and still sign up for concurrent enrollment classes for this spring. Check for details

SPRING COURSES listed below

The dropdown in Item #2 below lists the face-to-face courses offered at each high school for Spring along with the IVC courses that each school has chosen to receive. If your school is not listed, that means Snow College has not yet received a list of classes your school intends to offer during Spring semester. The Spring 2018 IVC class schedule is available online. Registration for Spring classes opened for students at rural schools on Monday, November 13, and will be open on Monday, November 27, for all schools. Schools should let Doug Johnson know as early as possible which classes they want to receive and make available to their students.

Paying Fall Tuition

If you still owe tuition for concurrent enrollment courses you are taking now or took last year ($5 per credit hour) you have a financial hold on your account meaning you will not be able to register for Spring classes. You can see how much you owe and you can pay your fees online in Badger Web by clicking on the "Student" tab and then selecting "Student Records." Once you bring your balance owed to zero, please let your counselor or Snow academic advisor know so they can ask the college's business department to remove the hold -- it does not get removed automatically. Counselors at schools participating in concurrent enrollment courses receive an enrollment listing every Monday morning which shows students’ account balances.

New IVC/Online Courses for Spring

Two new elective courses are being debuted this Spring:

  • DMT 1930/2930 Leadership & Professional Development 1 and 2 (one credit hour each) will be taught on IVC on MW from 9:30 to 10:20 a.m. Leadership Course 1 will be taught from January 3 through February 23 (one credit hour), then Leadership Course 2 will be taught from February 26 through April 27 (a second credit hour). Students can complete both courses in one semester. These courses fulfill the Human Relations requirement for many of the Career and Technical Education programs and provide students with employability skills which will better prepare them for future career success in any field. These courses earn students high school credit as Leadership CE.
  • GEO 1700 Fundamentals GPS/GIS Navigation (3 credit hours) will be taught as an online course. This course will teach basic navigational concepts so that students can focus on learning how to use the GIS software better in future classes. It earns students high school credit as Introduction to Geographical Information Systems CE.

Free Math Tutoring Every Friday

Need help in your Math class? Snow College holds a free tutoring session live and interactive over IVC every Friday morning from 7:30 to 8:50 a.m. Students in any Math class are welcome -- it does not need to be a Snow College class, and any level of Math student is welcome. If you need help, ask your school’s IVC facilitator to make sure your classroom will be connected on Friday.

Other Help

Many questions can be answered, or resources found, with the links to the right on this page. Check there first if you have a problem and need help.

Get Started 

  1. High school counselors and/or facilitators should let Snow College know which IVC classes their school would like to offer its students for Fall semester. Those classes will be listed in the dropdown menu below for each school as they are reported to Snow College. Class starting times are not listed for face-to-face courses; students should check their high school's schedule for face-to-face class days and times. Class times (days of the week and start/end times) are listed for IVC classes.
  2. Students should write down the four-digit CRN of the course(s) they would like to take and use the CRN(s) to enroll in each course online in Badger Web. If your school is not listed, that means Snow College has not yet received a list of classes your school intends to offer during Spring semester. 

    Course info will be listed here...

  3. Students who are not yet Snow College students, but would like to take concurrent enrollment courses can start the process by applying to be a Snow College student.

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Need Assistance? Contact the Academic Advisor for your school.

Petra Brittner
(512) 525-9285
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Landon Peterson
(435) 619-9928
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John Van Orman
(435) 690-9401
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  • American Heritage
  • Copper Hills
  • Dugway
  • East Hollywood
  • Grantsville
  • Itineris
  • Mana Academy
  • Manila
  • Merit Academy
  • North Summit
  • Real Salt Lake Academy
  • Rich
  • South Summit
  • Stansbury
  • Terra Academy
  • Tooele
  • Utah Military Academy
  • Utah Virtual Academy
  • Vanguard Academy
  • Wasatch
  • Weber Innovation
  • West Jordan
  • Beaver
  • Delta
  • Desert Hills
  • Dixie
  • Eskdale
  • Milford
  • Millard
  • North Sanpete
  • North Sevier
  • Pine View
  • Richfield
  • South Sevier
  • Tintic
  • Virgin Valley
  • West Desert
  • Bryce Valley
  • Carbon
  • Emery
  • Escalante
  • Gunnsion
  • Juab
  • Kanab
  • Lake Powell School
  • Lighthouse
  • Manti
  • Panguitch
  • Piute
  • Valley
  • Wayne 





For futher questions please contact:

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Doug Johnson, director
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Cathy Beal, IVC  
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Bree Olsen, IVC
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