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What is concurrent enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment offers high school students the opportunity to take college-level courses for Snow College and high school credit simultaneously, or concurrently. Concurrent Enrollment (CE) students register for the class at both the high school and Snow College. While students earn high school credit, they also earn Snow College credit which is recorded on a permanent college transcript. Through this program, students will be able to enroll in certain introductory-level Snow College courses offered on their high school campuses during their regular school day.

CE is open to high school juniors and seniors with a minimum of a “B” grade point average and/or an ACT composite score of 22 or higher. Sophomores and freshmen may be eligible based upon a minimum GPA of B+ and a recommendation from their high school counselor for courses which are open to ninth and tenth graders.

Students must be ready for the additional rigor and work outside of class that is required to be successful in a college-level course. Compared to most high school classes, CE courses will go into greater depth, require more work and offer greater challenge.

High School students who are not already admitted must first apply to Snow College before they can enroll in CE courses. There is a $30 application fee when you apply to become a Snow College student. If you have already taken Snow College classes and have a Badger ID number, you do not need to apply again.

All Utah colleges and universities, including Snow College, charge a minimal tuition fee of $5 per credit hour for CE courses. Check your account on Badger Web to make sure you do not owe for tuition which could block you from enrolling in future courses. Payments can be made online by logging into Badger Web. 

Talk with your counselor about which courses you want to take. Each high school selects which courses it wants to make available to its students. Counselors at each high school will decide which classes to make available based partly upon student interest, so students should discuss and plan with their counselors in which courses they may have interest. Courses at each high school may be delivered:

Note that ENGL 2010 (offered in Spring semester) and GNST 1200 are offered only to seniors who are completing a General Education Certificate of Completion OR an Associate degree.