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The Snow College Department of Theatre

Snow College’s theatre program offers you the focus and preparation to take the stage and the tools to carry your creativity forward. As a student in the Snow College Theatre Department you will work with faculty-artists with professional experience, a passion for teaching, and a commitment to help you find your voice.

Right from the start, you have the opportunity to hone your craft hands-on in our up-to-date facilities, with five fully produced shows a year, several student-driven productions, our theatre guild, and the campus’s best (and only) improv performance team: LTI.

Join us and explore the theatre's imaginative space onstage, backstage, or in the audience!

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Theatre is the art and craft of play production. It includes the study of dramatic literature and theory, theatre history, acting, set design, lighting design, costume design and film. In addition to the scholarly exploration of these subjects, the Snow College theatre program emphasizes the practical application of knowledge gained and skills learned through annual performances before live audiences. Theatre also explores the historical, cultural and social milieu that produced significant works of dramatic literature.

Emphasizing in theatre at Snow means:

  • Practical Application. Move your learning beyond the classroom and participate in the hands-on application of skills, methods, and techniques required by the different areas of theatre.
  • Collaborative Artistry. Develop the ability to collaborate in a group: assist fellow artists toward a single creative goal, clearly communicating while understanding responsibilities in theatre.
  • Theoretical Understanding. Ply theoretical concepts fundamental to the theatrical arts used in performance, design and/or technical theatre, informing creativity and expression with structure.
  • Historical Foundation. Recognize the historical developments of dramatic literature, theatrical tradition, and the discrete periods, styles, and genres that comprise them.
  • Reflective Criticism. Engage in the creative process through critique, thoughtful analysis, interpretation, and a refinement of knowledge and self-expression.
  • Cultural Appreciation. Understand the importance of drama as an art form through its impact on society, its diversity of perspectives and/or contribute to the cultural life of the campus.
  • Students who complete an emphasis in theatre at Snow College will be expected to demonstrate that they:
  • know the historical and cultural development of western dramatic literature and tradition;
  • know the characteristics of significant literary schools from classism to Shakespeare; are able to criticize significant great works in terms of the period in which they were written;
  • are able to perform the basic duties of a stage technician;
  • are able to perform a variety of roles from tragic, comic and musical theatre;
  • feel or appreciate the literary and humanistic significance of drama;
  • feel or appreciate significant works of drama from a variety of schools and authors;
  • feel or appreciate the visual and oral elements of theatre.


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