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The Snow College Theatre Department offers a full range of lower division general education and theatre major courses designed to fulfill the graduation requirements at Snow College and transfer to upper division theatre programs at senior institutions. A recommended two year course of study for performance and technical emphasis students has been designed by the theatre faculty to enhance the continuity of your learning experience here as you prepare for graduation and transfer to upper division programs. 

Theatre Courses

THEA  1013  Survey of Theatre FA
THEA  1023  Introduction to Film FA
THEA  1033  Acting I FA
THEA  1080  Theatre Improv PerformanceTeam
THEA  1113  Voice and Diction
THEA  1223  Stage Makeup
THEA  1513  Stagecraft FA
THEA  1713  Script Analysis
THEA  2031  Theatre Hist & Lit: Classical
THEA  2032  Theatre Hist & Lit: Modern
THEA  2033  Acting II
THEA  2080  Theatre Improvisation OC
THEA  2140  Directing
THEA  2203  Costume Construction
THEA  2204  Costume Design/ Theatre & Film
THEA  2210  Basic Scenic Design
THEA  2290  Special Topics in Theatre
THEA  2443  Acting for Musical Theatre
THEA  2510  Scene Painting
THEA  2540  Lighting Design
THEA  2601  Performance Practicum I
THEA  2602  Performance Practicum II
THEA  2603  Performance Practicum III
THEA  2604  Performance Practicum IV
THEA  2605  Performance Practicum V
THEA  2606  Performance Practicum VI
THEA  2611  Production Practicum I
THEA  2612  Production Practicum II
THEA  2613  Production Practicum III
THEA  2614  Production Practicum IV
THEA  2615  Production Practicum V
THEA  2616  Production Practicum VI
THEA  2901  Theatre Capstone