GE Minutes 11-22-2013

General Education Committee
22 Nov. 2013
Attendance: Richard Squire, Gregory Wright, Melanie Jenkins, LaFaun Barnhurst,
Clinton King, Adam Larsen, Joseph Papenfuss, Susan Larsen
I. Approval of Minutes (Nov. 1, 2013): Adam motioned, Clinton seconded.
Voting unanimous.

II. Discussion Items

A. GE descriptors
1. Joseph and Clinton talked about changes they have made to the natural science descriptions and SLOs. They have circulated it amongst division, incorporated feedback, and feel confident in this version.
2. Adam presented the descriptor and outcomes that he revised for Fine Arts. There was talk about including reading and critical thinking in the SLOs. Adam will take that back to division.
3. Joseph gathered information about GE distributions at each institution in the state. There was discussion about where Snow fell in relation to other institutions. There was more discussion about the impact of changing scientific inquiry to an interdisciplinary requirement.

III. Consent items

A. New Courses
B. 5-year Review
MUSC 1010: We look at revised syllabus for Music 1010. In the section on outcomes, there is no feedback loop (discussion about how the instructor will know if students have achieved outcomes). Adam will ask Steve to add that into the syllabus. Vote was tabled. There was a suggestion that curriculum committee should send out instruction reminders for syllabus preparation to the entire campus.
C. Pending
Com 2300
Art 1010
Art 1020
Art 1040
Art 1050
Art 1060
IV. Assessment
Approved Dec. 6, 2013.