ART  1010  Intro to the Visual Arts FA

AUTO  1000  Automotive Safety & Basics

BIOL  1010  General Biology LS

BIOL  1420  Environmental Biology LS

BIOL  1425  Environmental Biology Lab LB

BUS  1020  Computer Technology/Applicatio

BUS  1110  Digital Media Tools

BUS  1200  Business Careers Seminar

BUS  1270  Strategic Selling OC

BUS  1300  Social Media Marketing

BUS  1600  Entrepreneurship Seminars

BUS  2050  Business Law

BUS  2450  Presentations for Business OC

BUS  2750  Business Travel Seminar

CHEM  1010  Introductory Chemistry PS

CHEM  1015  Introductory Chemistry Lab LB

CHEM  1110  Elementary Chemistry PS

CHEM  1115  Elementary Chemistry Lab LB

CHEM  1120  Elem Organic/Biochemistry PS

CJ  1010  Intro to Criminal Justice SS

CJ  1300  Intro To Corrections

CJ  1330  Criminal Law

CJ  1340  Criminal Investigation

CJ  1350  Intro To Forensic Science

CJ  2330  Juvenile Justice

CJ  2350  Laws of Evidence

COMM  1020  Public Speaking OC FA

COMM  1500  Introduction to Mass Media HU

COMM  2110  Interpersonal Comm OC

COMM  2150  Intercultural Communication SS

CS  1400  Programming Fundamentals

CS  1405  Programming Fundamentals Lab

ECON  2010  Intro to Microeconomics SS

EDUC  1010  Intro to Education

EDUC  1015  Intro to Education Lab

EDUC  2400  Diverse Populations

ENGL  1010  Expository Composition E1

ENGL  2010  Intermed Research Writing E2

ENGL  2200  Intro to Literature HU

ENGL  2420  Literature Of The Outdoors HU

GEO  1220  Historical Geology

GEO  1700  Fundamentals GPS/GIS Navig.

GEO  1800  Interdisciplinary Intro to GIS

GEO  1820  Intermediate GIS

GEO  2850  Cartography/Digital Map Making

GEO  2900  Applied GIS

GEOG  1000  Physical Geography PS

GEOG  1005  Physical Geography Lab LB

GEOG  1300  People/Places of World SS

GEOG  1800  Interdisciplinary Intro to GIS

GNST  1002  Principles of Peer Mentoring

GNST  1003  Peer Mentoring Practicum

GNST  1010  Principles of Student Success

GNST  1500  Career Decisions

HFST  1020  Foundations of Nutrition LS

HFST  1400  Courtship & Marriage SS

HFST  1500  Human Development SS

HFST  1600  Child Care as a Business

HFST  2500  Early Childhood Development

HFST  2600  Intro to Early Childhood Educ

HIST  1220  Modern Asian Civilization

HIST  1700  American Civilization AI

HIST  2700  U S History to 1877 SS

HIST  2710  U S History from 1877 SS

INDM  1050  Industrial Safety

MATH  1010  Intermediate Algebra

MATH  1040  Introduction to Statistics MA

MATH  1050  College Algebra MA

MUSC  1010  Introduction to Music FA

NURP  1000  Intro to Medical Terminology

NURP  1101  Drug Dosages & Calculations

PE  1096  Fitness and Wellness PE

PHIL  1000  Intro to Philosophy HU

POLS  1100  American National Gov't AI

PSY  1010  General Psychology SS

PSY  1100  Developmental Psychology SS

SOC  1010  Principles of Sociology SS

SW  1010  Social Work as a Profession

SW  2400  Diverse Populations

TESL  1400  Methods/Teach Sec/Foreign Lang

TESL  1600  Language Learning Stategies

TESL  2300  Testing and Evaluation

TESL  2700  Job Search Resources

THEA  1013  Survey of Theatre FA

THEA  1023  Introduction to Film FA