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Service Partners

Community Partners for Self Selected Service Projects

In Person Projects

Centro de la Familia
1150 S Blackhawk Blvd
Mt Pleasant, UT 84647

Area Manager: Alberta Loosle
Office Manager: Eduvigez Ramirez
Email Address:
Phone Number: (435) 580-5080

Children's Justice Center

The Sanpete County Children's Justice Center (CJC) is a homelike facility which serves children and families who are experiencing crisis and chaos that comes with the disclosure of physical or sexual abuse. April is Child Abuse Prevention month and so they have lots of needs

Service idea list from CJC:

  • Plant flowers in planters @ CJC in Ephraim. Call LuAnn Greenwell 435-851-9646.
  • Help with Child Abuse Prevention month (pass out flyers, put up pinwheels, help serve pizza if have a family training night, court house kick off with shoes and posters, etc.) Call Janet Johnson 435-851-7891.
  • Help clean, organize, and declutter CJC. Call LuAnn Greenwell 435-851-9646.
  • Create a video for kids to help them know when to report abuse.
  • Create a video to educate Sanpete County residents of the prevalence of child abuse and need to report.
  • Social Media outreach to raise awareness: Create a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, etc. account for Friends board of Sanpete County Children’s Justice Center. Look at other similar accounts to see what others look like.

Other community service ideas:

  • Help plant trees in community area. Contact Janet Johnson 435-851-7891
The Sanpete Pantry

The Sanpete Pantry provides food and mobile food distribution throughout the county (locations include Mt Pleasant, Gunnison and at Ephraim). Volunteer by talking to their volunteer coordinator or visiting their volunteer opportunities page. Students at Snow can also help with the pantry's social media and marketing campaigns. Visit the SAGE Center for more details in how you can help.

The Resource Clothing Bank

The Resource Clothing Bank is a place where community members can donate and obtain gently used, clean clothing. There is no cost for the items and is completely run by volunteers. It is run on the honor system; take what you need for your family. Initially, it was opened to help foster and adoptive families in the community. Because of all the generous donations that began pouring in, this resource was opened to the whole community. 50 South 100 West, Ephraim, open Wednesday 1-7 pm. Contact:

Local School District

The local elementary schools often need volunteers to help students practice reading (or other one on one tutoring). Contact the principle or front office to see when you can go and if there are any requirements. You may also try the middle schools. Here you can find contact information for North Sanpete and South Sanpete School Districts. Some of these opportunities are also listed on

Golden Skyline Assisted Living Center

Missing spending time with your grandma or grandpa? Adopt one at the assisted living center in Ephraim or similar facilities in your area. Many senior citizens need some company, someone to talk to, or someone to play a game with. Call ahead to see when you can visit the Golden Skyline Assisted Living Center, 76 North 100 West, Ephraim Utah 84642.
(435) 283-4922

Science Outreach

The Science Division hosts monthly Science Night activities, weekly planetarium shows, star parties, fieldtrips, and other science-themed events including a regional Science Olympiad Invitational and Math Contest. If you are interested in these events contact the SAGE Center or the Science Division Outreach coordinator, Mark Waegner ( or

City/County Government

Most cities are in need of volunteers to help with various projects in administration, parks and rec, the library, engineering, etc. Contact your city's manager. Check other cities or the county for additional opportunities.
Ephraim City

  • Shaun Kjar, city Manager
  • Michael Patton, Recreation Director
  • Lori Voshall, Library Director
Manti Library

The Manti City Public Library is in need of volunteers to help with a local Sanpete County and Manti history project. This project requires in-person work at the Manti Public Library, though it also has a large online aspect as well.

JustServe is a website where the volunteer needs of organizations may be posted and volunteers may search for places to serve in the community, providing opportunities to help those in need and enhance the quality of life in the community. Remote and in-person opportunities are available.

Interfaith Opportunities

If you are interested in interfaith efforts, there may be some needs in the local area. Check with the SAGE Center if you are interested.

Online/Remote Ideas


The Zooniverse is the world’s largest and most popular platform for people-powered research. This research is made possible by volunteers — more than a million people around the world who come together to assist professional researchers. Our goal is to enable research that would not be possible, or practical, otherwise. Zooniverse research results in new discoveries, datasets useful to the wider research community, and many publications.
Visit Zooniverse and pick a project.

Bristol Hospice

To get you started and trained as a Bristol Volunteer, there is a little paperwork, a few screenings and some online training you can do from home! Please contact Volunteer Coordinator at

English Language Learners Program

Language is critical to a secure an independent life. English Language Learners In-Home Program's mission is to eliminate the barriers to social and economic opportunity for immigrants, refugees, and non-native English speakers. We are an all-volunteer organization committed to teaching English, U.S. citizenship preparation and high-school equivalency at no cost, for those in need, worldwide.
Some ELL tutors and students may wish to resume meeting in person. To adhere with current CDC guidelines, all tutors must obtain a signed waiver from students who wish to resume in-person learning. All social distancing and mask wearing measures must be observed as per CDC and your state requirements.

Email for more information.

The National MS Society

Visit their website here
Help make phone calls...from the comfort and safety of your own home. These calls will be to help us recruit participants for our virtual walk events and encourage fundraising. We will provide talking points and a script. Please reach out to Sondra Stephens at if you’re interested.

Create a GoFundMe for a Nonprofit

Local organizations rely on donors to survive. You could work with a local nonprofit company to create a GoFundMe campaign to help them raise money for an event or such.
Here is an example from a recent student.

People Helping People

Visit People Helping People here.
Are you looking for a rewarding volunteer experience? We assist women in empowering themselves through employment. Join our volunteer team to make a difference. Our current volunteer opportunities include making phone calls to potential clients and other administrative office assistance. The volunteer would have to be comfortable with making phone calls, professional communication, have access to a computer, internet and phone to make phone calls. Connect with Sarah Anderson:

Online History/Archive Projects

Snow College Library Outreach

Carol Kunzler, our Snow College outreach librarian, is in need of help with advertising and outreach to middle and high school students. She is trying to advertise the Holocaust exhibit the library will be hosting next year. Students can contact her about this service project and also visit the History Unfolded website and the Snow College History Unfolded guide to learn more about the project. (Links to an external site.)
For details on this project, see here.

Citizen Archivist Project

This project includes transcribing, tagging, and preparing historical records for reading online. Visit their website here.

Natural History Museum of Utah

Field Note Transcription Project contributes directly to helping collections staff digitize historical field notes to make them readily available for researchers and the public online.
Visit their website here

Utah State Archives

Visit theUtah Archives website.
Have you ever wondered how records get indexed and pages get transcribed? The truth is, it is a big job and we could use your help! The Utah Division of Archives and Records Service is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with From The Page, an online program for transcribing documents and collaborating on transcriptions with others. You can transcribe anytime, anywhere! All you need is a computer with internet, the ability to read 19th and 20th century handwriting, and an interest in Utah history.
The first project we need help with is the John D. Lee Case Files, which are records of the trial concerning his involvement in the 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre. Lee was convicted and executed in 1877. Click here to start transcribing.