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Courses and Professors

Service Learning Courses
Course Course Title Instructor
Comm 2110 Interpersonal Communication Sandra Cox
Comm 2110 Interpersonal Communication Carl Cox
Comm 2110 Interpersonal Communication Malynda Bjerregaard
Comm 2300 Intro to Public Relations Malynda Bjerregaard
Comm 1900 Newspaper Production I Sandra Cox
Comm 1910 Newspaper Production I Sandra Cox
Comm 2900 Newspaper Production II Sandra Cox
Comm 2910 Newspaper Production II Sandra Cox
PSY 2034 Educational Psychology Nick Marsing
PSY 2300 Introduction to Social Psychology Nick Marsing
ENGR 1000 Intro to Engineering Keith Steurer
PHYS 1080 Life in the Universe Steve Hart
PHYS 1080 Life in the Universe Jon Pugmire
PHYS 1010 Elementary Physics Jon Pugmire
NR 1020 Field Inventory and Sampling Techniques Chad Dewey
NR 1020 Introduction to Natural Resources Chad Dewey
THEA 2204 Costume Design for Theatre and Film Gina Love
GEO 1115 Physical Geology Lab Renee Faatz
EDUC 1010 Intro to Education David Rodriguiz
EDUC 1015 Intro to Education Lab David Rodriguiz
EDUC 2400 Diverse Populations Diane Gardner
TESL 1152 Community Outreach (2nd YR) Kristi Albright
GNST 1100 Intro to Civic Engagement Kellyanne Ure
HFST 1140 Introductory Sewing  
HFST 2710 US History After 1877 Scott Jackson
HFST 1500 Human Development Any Instructor
SOC 1010 Principles of Sociology Mike Brenchley
SOC 1020 Modern Social Problems Mike Brenchley
ACCT 1200 Basic Income Tax Preparation Kelly Larsen
BIOL 2220 Gen Ecology for Life Sc Majors Alan Stevens
BIOL 2225 Gen Ecology Life Sci Maj Lab Alan Stevens
HFST 2040 Intermediate Sewing  
CHEM 2310 Organic Chemistry I Sannali Dittli
CHEM 2325 Organic Chemistry II Sannali Dittli
ENGL 2010 Intermediate Writing Jacob Thomas
ENGL 2010 Intermediate Writing Kellyanne Ure

Civic Skills

Capstone Projects
  • Connected to a Pathway
  • Addresses a community need
  • Has sustainable impact

Civic Reflections

6 Reflections
  • One for each of the 6 Civic Pathways
  • Completed in the GNST 1100 course

Civic Habits

Volunteer Hours
  • 150 Total Hours
  • 110 coursework and other projects
  • 40 Capstone (requires proposal)

Civic Awareness

Community Engaged Coursework
  • 8 SL Credits
  • GNST 1100
  • 2 Additional service learning designated classes

Service Learning Professors

  • Kristie Albright
  • Malynda Bjerregaard
  • Mike Brenchley
  • Carl Cox
  • Sandra Cox
  • Chad Dewey
  • Sannali Dittli
  • Stacie Durrance
  • Renee Faatz
  • Diane Gardner
  • Steven Hart
  • Scott Jackson
  • Katie Justesen
  • Kelly Larsen
  • Dani Larsen
  • Gina Love
  • Nick Marsing
  • Jon Pugmire
  • Allan Stevens
  • Keith Steurer
  • Jacob Thomas
  • Kellyann Ure
  • David Rodrigues