Physical Education Department

 The physical education department provides students with the opportunity to become a physically educated person having the knowledge and skills to acquire a lifelong pursuit of fitness, health and physical well being by participating in activity classes, recreation classes, professional classes, intramural sports and athletic teams. 

Students who complete the recommended physical education curriculum at Snow College will be expected to demonstrate that they:

  • know the rules and etiquette for each activity or sport;
  • know the strategies and appropriate behavior for each selected activity or sport;
  • know the risk and safety factors associated with physical participation;
  • know the value of lifetime health principles and activities;
  • know the techniques used to execute the skills used in each activity;
  • can achieve and maintain a high level of personal fitness;
  • can adopt a lifestyle conducive to health and well being;
  • can perform skills related to each activity or sport;
  • can demonstrate safety techniques relative to each activity;
  • can demonstrate leadership and motivational skills in professional and cooperative education classes;
  • appreciate the results of regular participation in physical activity;
  • appreciate the relationships with other participants;
  • appreciate the role lifelong physical activity plays in health and well being.