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ReImagine Scholarship Campaign


Perhaps no other philanthropy has as rich and deep an effect as providing scholarship money. The Snow College Scholarship Campaign will serve to fortify our position as a leader in higher education and uphold our core commitment to transformative education.

The success of the Snow College Scholarship Campaign depends on fundraising for our largest and most pressing goal: permanent endowment funding for need-based student scholarships. Dedicated to student support in perpetuity, scholarship endowment funds are the foundation of a strong financial aid program. Over time, the successful investment of endowment funds increases resources year after year and provides scholarship support for generations to come. Our aim is to raise $5 million in scholarship money to achieve a sustainable endowment base for years to come.

As recently announced by Snow College President Bradley Cook, we have reached a major milestone of $4 million towards this campaign! We hope that you will join us in reaching the $5 million goal by donating any amount to support this effort.

Thank you for your support! We are tremendously grateful for the generous support received as we work towards this campaign, and more specifically towards Snow College's mission of providing educational opportunities to all for years to come.

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President Brad Cook

“Snow College has been focused on student success since 1888, and here’s the exciting part: The best is yet to come. Over $4 million has already been raised for this campaign. We sincerely appreciate everyone who has contributed, and we acknowledge Terry and Nancy Foote for their lead gift. They, like so many, believe in Snow College and the opportunities provided here for all students. We invite you to join us – to help us get that last $1 million – so we can extend our reach to those who need an education most.”

Pres. Bradley J Cook
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“I am tremendously thankful for the financial assistance I have received through scholarship support while attending Snow College. This is my second year studying at Snow; I will be graduating this spring with an Associate of Science degree. I plan to continue my education at the University of Utah where I will major in kinesiology and receive a minor in chemistry. I have large aspirations of becoming an orthodontist one day and I hope to eventually open up my own practice. Snow has provided the perfect academic and social environment for my first few years of college. The small classes have not only allowed me to build a relationship with my professors and classmates, but they have also helped me grasp information more fully. With my busy schedule and difficult classes, scholarship support has allowed me to focus on my studies rather than stressing about my finances. I will forever be grateful for my time spent at Snow College and for the financial assistance I received from generous scholarship donors to make this experience possible.”

McKenzie Brotherson

“Snow College has been the best experience for me because of the support I continually receive. One of the things I am most grateful for during my time at Snow is the generous scholarships I have received. From a young age, my parents told me it was my responsibility to pay for my education, therefore, I knew I needed to start saving for college. Getting an education has always been a top priority for me, so I made sure to push myself and do anything needed to graduate. Thanks to Snow and the financial assistance of scholarship donors, I have been able to focus on my education and maintain good grades. I have been much less worried about finances during school and more focused on my education. I currently serve as the Student Body President at Snow and love serving the students and faculty. These great opportunities came because of the generosity of donors. I am grateful for the many donors that contribute towards different scholarship funds. It is because of selfless, kind donors that myself and many others are able to attend college.”

Ben Scheffner