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A Letter from President Brad Cook

President Brad Cook

We just received some incredible news! Snow College is ranked #1 in the nation for student success, according to an unsolicited report by the Chronicle of Higher Education, higher education’s premier publication. What does this mean? It means that we have the highest percentage (85%!) of students who finish their education or transfer to another institution within the federally defined 150% of normal time.

This kind of success does not happen by chance. It is an incredible testament to the Spirit of Snow and the hard-working, committed faculty, staff, and supporters we have. When students choose to come to Snow, they are placing themselves in the very best position possible to succeed. There is no better choice in the entire country for our category of institution. Let that sink in for a minute. When it comes to student care and high-touch support, no one in America does this better than Snow College.

You likely already know this place is special, and we are committed to reaching as many students as possible. We know that the largest barrier for many students is a financial one. The vast majority of scholarships available to students are based on academic performance, and equal attention is necessary for need-based scholarships. Because I feel so strongly about the success of this specific student population, a $5 million “Reimagine Scholarship Campaign” was announced during my inauguration in November. These scholarship monies will be awarded based on the financial considerations of families, and the sole purpose is to help our low-income, first-generation students who likely will not be able to attend college without financial support.

Snow College has been focused on student success since 1888, and here’s the exciting part: The best is yet to come. Over $4 million has already been raised for this campaign. We sincerely appreciate everyone who has contributed, and we acknowledge Terry and Nancy Foote for their lead gift. They, like so many, believe in Snow College and the opportunities provided here for all students. We invite you to join us – to help us get that last $1 million – so we can extend our reach to those who need an education most.


Bradley J. Cook